Uma Alexandra Beepat is a metaphysical expert. What’s that mean?

  • spiritual healer
  • psychic medium
  • intuitive consultant

She shares her journey of self-discovery and how she helps entrepreneurs get un-stuck. And, yes, I even asked if people think she’s crazy. Her response was great. Please welcome Uma Alexandra Beepat

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  • 0:45 – Uma’s Background
  • 3:02 – Benefits
  • 6:01 – Uma’s Business Background
  • 12:35 – Business Journey
  • 17:08 – The Progress

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Disclaimer: Transcripts were generated automatically and may contain inaccuracies and errors. starting off another episode today with Uma, Uma Alexandra Beepat. She is a powerhouse in the metaphysical community. She’s the owner of Lotus wellness center, a thriving metaphysical center in Northern Virginia. And she is also a spiritual teacher, psychic mediumship, mentor, spirit, spiritual healer, and intuitive consultant with over 40 plus learned modalities to her name.
And she also owns a massage school and it is an essential oil advocate. Inspirational speaker and published author of the awakened life. Uma. Thanks for joining me today. Thank you for having me. I’m so blessed to be here. Well, you have quite the portfolio of expertise is there. So why don’t you give our listeners a crash course on what that all means?
It means I’m a misnomer at all, is what it means. I have credentials now to say that I know it all. No, I’m just kidding. It just really means that I really take the work that I do seriously. Um, I’m very curious. I’m a spiritual seeker. I’m very curious why people are the way they are and what makes them go.
So I’ve been doing a lot of study into that and more, more really study into the problems people that are having. So the 40 plus modalities, I didn’t have a plan to say, well, let me just go out there and start taking all these certification classes. It was more like, Okay. Um, let’s just say I started with massage and Reiki and I was working with that for people for a long time at my center.
And then I realized some of the things people were dealing with it couldn’t be resolved with a massage or an energy healing session. So then I started taking life coaching classes to talk people through things, and then I realized people had some deep seated issues. So then I became a certified hypnotist.
You see what I’m saying? It’s like, things just kind of grew more because my clientele was requiring it and then I just kind of followed through with it. So, so they’re, they’re all related in one way or another. So very cool. Now you had mentioned modalities, is that it in your space that you had also mentioned certification?
So as my modalities certifications, is it one in the same. Some are because I’ve done some shamanism courses and you don’t really receive a certification for that. So modalities are just different ways of learning things, different concepts, different thoughts, and yeah, there’s, there’s tons of modalities out there.
So massage would be I’m a bodywork modality, right? Reiki would be an energy healing, modality. Um, life coaching would be. A bit of a consultation modality. So there’s different kinds out there. And I’m in the health and wellness field of metaphysical health and wellness field. So I needed to know more than the average person to offer at my center.
Gotcha. So let’s kind of go back into your, your background a little bit and how you got into this world. So you’re born in England, grew up in Barbados and Guyana before you moved to the U S um, you know, what type of, uh, Ages, are we talking where you were exposed to these different parts of the world and having that different, those different cultural experiences is that contributed to what you do in any beneficial way.
Absolutely. I think, uh, traveling a lot. I can thank my parents for that. My mom and dad, they, I had a passport since I was, you know, less than a year old and we’ve been traveling and I really thank them for that because it creates this open-mindedness, uh, to everyone. I tend not to have judgments or bye, you know, I’m coming and moving to America was very interesting for me because I didn’t just live in Virginia where I’m at now.

I’ve lived all, you know, all over the U S and I’ve lived in some really, really small communities. And it was quite interesting to me to see how small minded some people can be. And, um, I don’t blame them. It’s just, they’ve not really known anything outside of the area. I remember when I was living in West Palm beach, Florida, I worked in Riviera beach and I worked in this a small office.
And I remember there was a girl that lived there. She never left a review ever beach. And I thought that was so interesting. She never even went to key West. We’re not even Orlando, which is just like two hours away. And I just like, how is that even possible? But you could tell just, you know, the way she was, um, she wasn’t a bad person, but just like her mental concepts and things of that nature, it got, it was very, very sad, you know?
Uh, she couldn’t really envision life outside of even the state. I mean, let alone her town. So I do think it’s a big plus and I recommend people to travel and I myself have children and I make sure that they travel to, you know, see different cultures, experience different things and get a bigger feel of what the world is.
You know, what’s funny is my wife. Um, when we first we’ve been together for 14 years and married for 12, um, she had never. Been on an airplane before we dated. Okay. He had never been outside of like this 40 mile radius. I think when she was younger, she did, but like, she was young enough that she didn’t remember so I can relate.
It’s interesting. But you know, she didn’t have, she didn’t have the close minded kind of thing. You know, she was open. She acknowledged that she hadn’t been exposed to a lot. And so I think that helped, but it is interesting to learn about people that haven’t had, even, even just some exposure, even in a little way.
And there’s a difference because I found with my partner now, um, he he’s only been out of the country once before he met me. And at that time you don’t even need a passport to go because, you know, you could just use your driver’s license. So when he met me, he had to get a passport and go through that whole process and see what that was like.
And then we’ve been to the Caribbean. We’ve been to Europe. You know, we’ve been all over and he’s just amazed. Um, so it’s not, I don’t want to say that it’s just that people have never been anywhere. There’s two kinds of people. There’s the people who never been anywhere and have no interest, but then there’s the people who’ve never been anywhere.
And they’re like, I want to go take me, like there’s an interest there to, to learn more. So that’s important. Yeah. So tell, tell our listeners what it’s like to work with you. And I assume the amount of time it is to work with you will vary. But kind of on average, what’s the experience like. It depends on who’s coming to me for what we have a lot of people that know about certain modalities, like massage, reflexology, Reiki.
People tend to know more about that now. So, uh, they might come in and just say, Hey, I’d like a Reiki session. Or, um, I personally don’t massage anymore. Um, I have massage therapist at my center, but reflexology, what not, they’ll just come in here and there that’s fine. So we have people who drop in from time to time.
They want to treat themselves to a birthday gift or anniversary gift, or they’re just feeling kind of out of the sort. So they need a little bit of a help. And then that’s where I come in. Then I have people who are actually studying under me. I mentor some students and this year we’ve had 50 students in my mentorship program.
I have a mentorship program that runs for eight months from January to August. And it’s in person in Northern Virginia, or it can be done. Yeah. And, um, people coming in all the way, as far as from South Carolina and Canada for the mentorship with me, and in that scenario, I’m really working with them for eight months.
To really get them through the things that are sticking them, to get them, to realize their purpose, to get them to understand why they’re zigging, when they want to sag. I’m totally copying my partner’s words. He’s the owner of the healing frequency. I’ll give him a shout out and he, he loves to say that.
And I was like, Ooh, I like that. I got to use that. So. You know, our listeners are largely entrepreneurs or business owners or aspiring business owners. So I’d like to talk about two components of you being a business owner, and then you’re working with business owners. So why don’t you take a moment to talk about how entrepreneurs could benefit from your types of services?
What could make them more productive and kind of like you said, it sounds like you can help people get unstuck. Yeah. One of the things I really believe in is you need to know who you were. To know where you were going. And what I mean by that is you need to know your past, you know, I don’t believe people are just born happenstance and people have no idea why they’re here
Um, It’s there’s a reason why you were born in the date and the time and with the name that you have. So that would follow numerology astrology, which I also do. One of my biggest things that I do for business entrepreneurs is it’s called a soul plan reading, and it’s an emailed reading. You know, they contact me, they give me their dates, you know, their dates, their names on their birth certificates, their time.
And then I create the sole plan rating to figure out why they’re here. So for instance, uh, in a soul plan, reading. You would learn something about what your life path number is. And my life Pat number is a nine, which was incidentally the same life, Pat number of Gandhi, and the nines are called the humanitarians.
We’re here to elevate the consciousness of the planet. We’re here about teaching people. Instead of giving people fish, we want to teach people how to fish so that they can do things for themselves. So for the business entrepreneurs, what I would say is if you’re hitting these consistent blocks, In your business.
There’s two things I can do with you. I can personally do the soul plan reading for you where we kind of figure out what are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? Like, what were you born to do? And what, what are you struggling with? Are you really gonna overcome it? Or maybe is that better to pass off to someone else?
Cause you’re just really, that’s not going to be your thing. This lifetime. The other thing is, is Rob has. Um, my partner, he’s also at Lotus wellness center. He has the five week, your path, your journey, um, transformational program. So it’s a life coaching program. It’s five weeks long. It can be done in person or by zoom, like how we’re doing now.
And it’s just really trying to get to the root of what sticking you. And it’s a combination of life, coaching hypnosis, energy healing. Um, I’m missing something. Oh, energy psychology, energy psychology. So yeah, we have, we have things for entrepreneurs. I actually have been paid on retainer by some businesses for intuitive consultations because I am an intuitive, so I have businesses that would pay me a retainer for the month and they can call whenever they can call and say, I have to make this deal.
What do, what are your cards say is how they would say it? My tarot they’re like, what are your cards say about this deal? Or, um, You know, I’m thinking about doing this for this month. What, what do you think? And I just give them and I, and they know it’s not me. It’s not my advice. You know, they have to like sign a waiver saying I understand that this is all spirit led and spiritual guidance.
So I can’t be held legally liable. I know nothing. It’s just the work that I do. And then, you know, we work from there. So, so you you’re like a, a bridge between I’m your client and, you know, whatever needs to be told to them. So, um, you know, I want to take that opportunity. You talked about a lot of interesting things, um, uh, sure.
You meet a lot of skeptics and some people say that this world is crazy. Um, I don’t, I don’t know. I have an opinion one way or another. So what do you say to the people that do have, I have an opinion that think that this is just out there. Yeah, I thank them. I thank them for their opinion. Yeah. And it’s not for everyone.
I’m completely aware of that. I’ve given talks and speeches before where I’ve had people within the first five minutes, get up and walk out the room. Um, I’m going to doing what I’m doing because at the end of the day, I feel good. I feel happy. I feel content. I am a very successful person and I’m not just talking monetary early.
I’m talking about like inner peace and happiness and joy. I live a really good life. And the people that I have personally mentored and worked with lead very good lives. I’ve helped people they’ve told me I’ve saved them from suicide. People have told me I’ve saved them from psychiatry because they’ve gotten off of their meds.
Now. I never would involve myself in that that’s decisions between them and their doctors, but I’ve had people just. Tell me so much. Thank you. Is that it con it keeps me going despite the critics, if you know what I mean? Because like today I feel this is the way I’m contributing to humanity. It’s making people feel happy within themselves and finding the good that’s already there in their lives.
Cause I feel like, especially in America, we’re always looking for that next thing. And I’m getting out of the rat race. Because I do this full time. Now I don’t work, you know, a nine to five job. And my thing is, is, let me see your life. Let me see what you have working for you. And let’s focus on that. And that’s where I go with it.
I think that’s a good opportunity to talk, uh, to emphasize for our listeners that whatever you want to pursue, you don’t have to please everyone, you know, at the end of the day, you. You do what works for you? What makes you happy and what makes the people around you happy? I think that was a great answer.
Um, so let’s talk about the business side of what you do. You know, what you do like you as a business owner, um, you know, how’s that journey been from getting things, going to getting it into a groove and, and, and as you said, yeah, it’s so amazing. I want to tell the business owners, I am so proud to say I’ve been in business 10 years.
I’ve worked on personally on over 9,000 people. And I have never taken a loan. I’ve never taken a business loan. I have 2000 square feet of, um, a center right now. Uh, this is what I’m going to advise this. This is why it’s so important to have intuition and to follow intuitive guidance because that’s all I did.
I would sit and meditate every day. I still meditate every day. I do yoga. I chant, I pray. I journal, I consult my cards as people call them my cards. Um, but I follow my inner guidance system, my energy PS, and that’s, what’s brought me to the success level that I have come through. I started in my basement.
At my house. And I was in my basement working this business for five years and I would just, whatever I made, I would put some in savings. I would spend some on advertising and stuff like that, but actually, no, it wasn’t advertising. My advertising was owning a meetup group on meetup, which was $89 a year.
Right. So that was my advertising budget. I refused by the way to advertise. Isn’t that crazy. Everything I did was completely against what people say to do for business, but I refuse to pay for advertising, um, in the first five years, because I just felt like I was doing such good work. It was going to be known some way somehow.
So I want to say 90% of my time, this was built off of referrals and people just loving what I did and telling their friends and telling their friends. And it just started spreading. The reason why I decided to move out of my business was one day I was having a yoga class in my basement. And I walked outside to just check to see if there’s anybody else coming before I locked the door.
And I realized the whole street was aligned with cars and they were all there for me, for my yoga class. And not only that, the, the yoga class was full. I mean, there was like elbows everywhere. And I was like, I need to get a place, right? We need a bigger boat. And that’s what it was. I didn’t really have a plan.
I didn’t really see myself owning a wellness center. I was just like living from my heart and doing what I love doing. And I moved out of my basement after five years of being there. And I remember it was so bittersweet cause that’s all I knew. And then I moved into the one place I could rent. It was a small room and I could only rent it for a year because I hated it.
I didn’t really care for it. It was a very beautiful building, but it was just. Small room. And it was, um, I was there with all these government people. So it was like a very different feel. And I said, no, I got to find a place that I could make my own. And now I have this really beautiful little building. I don’t own the whole building, but I have a thousand square feet upstairs in a thousand square feet downstairs.
So it’s really nice. I have my massage school downstairs and then. My business upstairs. And I started by myself and now I have a team. I have employees, I have contractors. Um, but what I’m going to tell business people is if you can learn to follow your intuition, that is going to take you further than any coach, any classes, any, um, I, I know it’s going to sound so weird, but that’s what worked for me.
Yeah. Yeah. And I think every person in every industry is different, but you know, I’m right there with you. Um, the, so I’ve been in business for 12 years. I never, until last year I never spent a dollar on advertising. Um, last year we, we wanted to. To do some testing. So we did some advertising more for experimental purposes.
Um, but yeah, I mean, I think a lot of people, uh, especially in my world, because I’m more in the internet technology world, um, but a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs, these days, they get caught up in, you know, what they see on social media and these unicorn success stories that they hear about. And so they think they need to take out loans and they need to take on funding and you don’t.
And I think a great example you gave is when you walked outside and saw the streets were lined. And that’s something that I agree with. You wait until that breaking point, like you, you take on so much work that you have to make a move. And then at that point, that’s when you take that next risk, because that next risk is pretty minimal at that point.
Because as you know, even if a few of those cars on the street, weren’t there, that the next time, you know, it’s enough that you’re comfortable to take that risk, to get a, you get your own space. So that’s, that’s a great story. Um, you know, I was going to ask you if there was a pivotal moment, but yeah, you kind of already answered that question.
Um, with that story about seeing the cars lining the streets. Are there any other moments that kind of stand out in your career where, where you realize or reinforce like, Hey, this is going somewhere. Yeah. Um, let’s see, about 2014, 2015. About the same time when I moved out of my business, my basement. I remember, uh, I, I do a lot of social media, so I don’t do advertising.
And now I do advertising. Yes, I do advertising now. But back then, I did a lot of social media. I do. I have a YouTube channel where I give away free readings. I do free talks. Um, I do all these free stuff on the YouTube channel. And then I have my Instagram. I do inspirational posts. You know, daily and things like that.
I’m very good on social media. And I remember one of the pivotal moments for me was going to the supermarket and walking in and a cashier recognized me and she’s like, you’re Uma. And I was like, yes. And she’s like, I’ve been in one of your classes. And, um, You just moved me. And she talked to me about like the experience for her and her partner.
And I don’t, I don’t remember her. And I was like, wow, that was, it’s a pivotal moment for me, that I was seeing so many people in working on so many people. Cause my classes are full now. Like I have 20 to 30 people per class. Whereas before when I started, it was about four or five people per class. So there’s so many faces in the room and I can’t get to all of them.
And then, uh, I remember I was walking on the street and somebody called my name out and they’re like, you’re Uma from Lotus wellness center. Um, I’ve seen you on YouTube and things like that. And I was like, wow. You know, so that was a wake up call for me because I was like, not realizing just how far my word was getting.
Well, what was happening was I was sharing such good messages on the YouTube, Instagram, and whatnot that people were not just liking them and saving them, but they were also sharing it with their friends and family. So that’s why people that were reaching out to me, I didn’t know who they were, but it was, it was a friend of a friend or a family of a family or whatnot.
And, um, it just kind of grew and grew and grew. The other pivotal moment for me is the mentorship program. I talked about. It started in 2012. I only had 10 women in the group and it was just for a weekend. It wasn’t a monthly thing. It was so moving. There were so many tears of joy and happiness and just transformation that they begged me.
They said, you have to offer this every year. People need to do this, but instead of doing it as a weekend, can you do each topic you talk about and give it a month? And that’s why we have the eight months. Cause I talk on eight topics. And I said, yeah, that sounds like a good idea. And. Every September, I start to go into panic cause you know, I advertise it and then nobody signs up.
Right. And then you’re like, Oh, and that’s what happened last year, September, I advertised it. I had about four or five people. I’m like, Ooh, this is going to be a very light mentorship program for four or five people. But I just, again, I stayed positive and I said, I’m doing great work here. I’ll never forget the day, walking in, in January to the very first mentorship program and to have 40 faces staring back at me, I’ve never had that many people I’ve only had about between 15 to 20 people and to have 40 faces staring back at me and they were all squished into this little room, know it was like, it was overwhelming.
And a lot of people in that room cried. And I cried myself because it was just like, you know, when you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing, I really feel there’s nothing that can stop you. And I’m supposed to be doing this. Yeah, that’s a great story. You know, a couple of things stand out out is where you talk about how you had light registrations, and then the day of, you know, you had a lot of faces and, and I’ve heard that more than once.
You know, one, one example that immediately comes to mind is a business that I work with, that they do, uh, a business conference and, and they like a big one, you know, at the Vegas convention center. And so it’s, you know, tens or hundreds of however big it is, you know, square feet and, um, So they have a lot of time invested in it, a lot of money invested in it.
And what they’ve learned over the years of doing it every year, they’ve sold out their show, but the first year, yeah, they buy within, they had money it’s of lead time to, to promote the event. And up until like the last two weeks, they had only sold maybe 10% of the tickets and, you know, 30 to 50% of the tickets come day.
The day of, and the other 30 to 50% come, you know, just a week or two before it’s show time. So I think it’s important for people to understand that our. Putting on a, on events that, um, it’s pretty common to have a low, early buy in and not to get scared by that. Yeah. Yeah. That’s a big lesson for me too.
So thank you for sharing that. Cause that was whew. That was something. Yeah. You know, the other thing you talked about is as you do a lot of free content on YouTube and other channels, and I think, I think that, um, the term is social proof and there’s a huge, there’s huge value in social proof in the world nowadays.
And I think it’s just going to continue to increase because everyone’s becoming more comfortable with social media and it’s just becoming kind of a fabric in our culture and people will want to buy and work with and have services performed by. Not faceless companies, but people that they trust and they’ve, they’ve established some sort of relationships.
So like your clients, they may have not met you in person until the day of, but they feel like they’ve established some sort of relationship or trust with you first because of the content you put out there. So it’s a, it’s a valuable lesson that free isn’t free, you know, it’s just delayed gratification.
It does contribute to your bottom line down the road. I like that because I never thought when I did the YouTube channel, I was doing it more for myself to get, cause I’ve been doing it for over a year now. And I was like, I really want to do daily readings and see if this connects with people. And I started doing it more for myself to see, like, if I can read a large group of people at the same time, which is a little bit more difficult than reading, just say, well, and, um, It was like, just so amazing and so much fun because people now say they start their mornings with me.
They wake up, they get their cup of coffee and they’re waiting for Uber to come on, to do the morning readings so they can see it’s kinda like looking for the weather. Like what’s the weather going to be like, what’s the editor. And, um, Yeah, but I’ve actually gotten paying clients. And that’s why when people ask me, when you do free readings, does that, uh, this one girl asked me in the group, she’s like, when you’re doing free readings, are you going to get any pain clients?
Cause aren’t you just giving it away? I said, well, if you’re using that mentality and you probably won’t get any clients, but I don’t think I’m giving it away. I think that. I’m I’m reading to a general population of general interest. And then if people have some specific issue, they’ll contact me or they’ll feel like you said, they’ll feel comfortable contact me and say, I really want to know more about this.
I’m going to go to Umar. Yeah. Yeah. It’s yeah, you hit it right on the head where you have to be willing to give that away without any expectations. Because if you have those expectations, then it’s not going to work. People are gonna get that vibe of the hidden sales pitch and, uh, and that hidden sales pitch is going to prevent.
The establishment of that trust. And so you have to be able to give it away for free and genuinely give it away for free. That’s it? It has to be genuine. Yes. So, um, you know, all of your experience, isn’t just straight up. You know, on the side experience, you have legitimate credentials. So you have a master’s degree in healthcare management, bachelor’s in food and nutrition and a minor in business management.
So you’re the real deal. Um, on top of, you know, official experience, plus. Plus what it will say, street cred. I like, yeah, I did the whole, you know, formal education thing and it’s still in the back of my mind to go, go in for a PhD. I’m just trying to figure out what to get a PhD. And the obvious choice would be probably PhD in theology, but I really would like to do something more like in metaphysical education.
Um, I do like learning and that’s one thing I think that’s really taken me this one and makes me such a great teacher is that I’m still a student. So my students will see me teaching classes one day. And then on the weekend, I’m heading to class myself because I think you never stop learning. And I think if you’re a teacher, especially if you feel like you’ve learned all you need to know, then that’s okay.
That’s going to be your stopping point because your students, I guarantee you are always learning. They’re always reading. They’re always researching and they come to you and say, what is this? And you have to know what that is. So I feel that as much as I’m a teacher, I’m a student as well. Yeah. So you’ve taken all this experience and you have a couple of exciting things coming up.
You have the book titled the awakened life and you have an East coast tour coming up in April and our retreat in October. So tell us about the book. And then I’m assuming that the tour ties immediately into the book somehow. Right. So the book is interesting. I, like I said, I’ve, I’ve hinted at it so far in this interview, but I’m going to just come out and say it I’m a spirit communicator.
Right? I do a lot of communication channelings from spirit. I do that in the form of readings for people, but I also receive knowledge. And when I’m working with people in the old days, way back in the day when I was just doing massage and people would talk to me about their problems, I would give them information, you know, I’m in the moment and I’m just giving them information and they would always say to me, I wish I would remember everything you say.
You just always have the right words of advice, the right help. But by the time I get off this table, I just feel so good. I forget everything. So I really wrote the book for my students and my clients. Honestly, I, I self published myself on Amazon. Uh, using create space. And I wrote down lessons. I thought people should learn.
It’s kind of like a guide book to life. You know, we never get that when we’re born. We were told to do all these things and we never get told, like, this is what’s going on. And when you start getting older and when you start awakening, um, and I call the awakening. It’s like, when you have your, your life, like, you know, you’re married and you have your kids and your house and your mortgage and your business.
Everything’s good. But you still feel empty on the inside. Or that emptiness starts to grow. That’s what we call the awakening because now, so there is a part of you that wants to find something spiritually, spiritually enjoyable, not materialistically. So the book, the awakened life that I wrote was talking about when everybody hits that point, because the majority of people that come to see me tend to be, uh, late thirties to early fifties.
Is when the awakening seems to be happening and people, like I said, they’ve gotten the kids, the wife, the house, and they’re, you know, the husband and they’re like, but there’s something more, what else is there? And the awakened life was written to tell people, this is what I experienced on my own path and the awakening.
Um, what you can expect on your path as well. I didn’t realize it was going to be such a big hit. It sold really well in Amazon and then Balboa press publishing, picked it up then. Yeah. We featured it in hay house catalog. And then I started getting, you know, requests for interviews and book fairs and all that kind of stuff, um, for it.
But the problem is, is that I work really hard at my center, so I don’t have the time to go do the book festivals and fairs and all of that. So I told my partner, Rob, I said, um, my. Parents live in West Palm beach, Florida. So I said, I’d like to drive down from Virginia to West Palm beach, Florida, and just stop along the way.
And we just stopped centers and we do a little talk, a free talk, what it means to live the awakened life. Give free tips on how to deal with your awakening. And then I’ll have my books and if people want, you know, to buy it, they can buy it. I can sign it, the pictures, and then we move on. So we just had this really great cookie idea.
And that’s what we’re doing as our, it’s not a really official tour. It’s just literally us probably Instagramming the whole way down little towns. Right. But I like, I like to do things like that. I like it to be very organic and natural. So we are stopping. Um, I know for sure we are stopping in Charlotte, North Carolina, we’re stopping in Myrtle beach, South Carolina, Atlanta, Georgia.
West Palm beach, Florida. And then I believe coming back up, we’re going to hit Asheville, North Carolina. That’s got to feel really rewarding to be able to just start, you know, visualizing your message. So you’ve always had this message and you want to get it out there, but now you can, you can physically see the impact.
Uh, that’s that’s gotta be a unique experience. Yeah. So that, that leads into the retreat because after we do this little book tour thing that we’re probably gonna repeat again, um, cause we’re, we’re really doing it for fun and we we’ve just reached out to centers and be like, Hey, do you want to host us?
And they’re like, sure. Yeah, that’s kind of what we’re putting together now. Right. But the retreat coming up in October is to kind of take again the principles of what was written in the book and then take people away for a three day immersion where they can. We sit with the principals, we work through it.
We talk about how is this affecting you? What are you learning from this? Where do you go from here? So it’s more like a transformational coaching kind of weekend that we’re doing in October. Yeah. I think that, it’s interesting to point out where you had said you reached out to centers and they just say, yeah, that sounds great.
Um, you know, a lot of entrepreneurs are probably hesitant to take the initiative and, and piece together an event and, and what. I think it’s important for entrepreneurs to realize is just as much as you want to get your message out there. There are other people that. Need that content. Yeah. So it’s, it’s a, it’s a win win on both sides.
You get to, you get the exposure and then you help on the other side, um, you know, produce an event or help an audience. So. Take the opportunity to, you know, reach out and piece together these events. And like you said, it’s at the end of the day, it’s just, it’s just fun. But then you get your message out too.
Yeah. I think when I think what stops a lot of entrepreneurs is they get really serious about their goals. And they get really serious about their bottom line. Like I need to make 5,000 for this event. I need to make 10,000 for this month. And then what happens is you get stuck. I don’t know, go into it with that.
I make five figure months. I make six figure years, but honestly I don’t go into it with, I need to do this. I go into, I wake up and I say, what’s going to be fun today. What’s going to be the adventure today. Right. And then I go from there. If this East coast tour is a bust, like literally it’s a busing, nobody hires us.
Nobody wants to see us. Guess what? We’re still getting a vacation, which we hardly take. Right. So we’re still getting like a nice little drive down vacation. I’m going to go see my parents. Um, yeah. But it doesn’t, it’s not going to stop me. It’s not going to say, well, I’ll never do a tour again. I’ll do it again.
And I’ll do it again until it becomes like normal. And then I just start having people show up. So yeah, that’s a note for entrepreneurs is especially for those of you that are now starting out, keep it about fun, keep it light, keep it fun. And that’s how you get all this growth just attracting to you.
Like keeping it fun. So where did the I’ll start? Um, you know, you talked a lot about your experience, uh, but, but even before that, was there a day one where you just said, Hey, I had a communication event happen or something just happened and I need to explore this. Like, where did this just. The very foundation of this start.
Yeah. I have done a complete one 80 in my personal life. Um, I came from a third world country growing up in Guyana, South America. I was unfortunately, um, a victim of sexual abuse by the hands of a family member. And. I didn’t talk about it. I didn’t share about it. It was somebody that I would see at, you know, family gatherings and whatnot.
And, um, there was a lot of shame that was built into me from, I believe I was eight or nine years old, to be honest. I don’t remember my childhood. I blocked it all out. But what happened was is when, when people store things in their body, it has a way of coming up. And it came up in terms of me exhibiting as bipolar, because I would have these manic episodes and I’ll be really calm.
And then I would have these depressive episodes and I’d be going to high anxiety. So I had this all happening when I was growing up. So I, um, have tried to commit suicide. I did have an alcoholic problem. I did have, um, a lot of issues, addictions that I was working through as a child growing up. Um, most people would say, well, where were your parents?
So my parents were lovely. You know, it’s, we have to stop with this. The stigma of you grew up in a broken home. I actually, my parents were still married. They’re still lovely. They’re still happy. I still love my parents, but it’s not that it’s things happen. And no matter how good appearance you are, you can’t be aware of everything happening.
They had treat three children, you know, so they couldn’t be aware of everything that was happening. So what happened was with that earlier beginning, it led me to become a very negative person. A very negative pessimistic. Um, you know, I’m just living for the sake of living. When, you know, I would literally count down the hours I’m at work.
Okay. Just a couple more hours and they get home just a couple more hours and then finally get to bed and I would just go to sleep and I just didn’t want to wake up. And I would just have thoughts about suicide all the time. And then when I was about 19. I said to myself, because I tried the counseling of college and it didn’t really work out for me.
And I said to myself, I was like, this is BS. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life. Like this looking over my shoulder. I want to change. And that’s what actually prompted the looking into metaphysics. I tried all these different religions, so I’ve been Christian. Okay. Muslim and Buddhists and pagan and Wiccan and behind I’ve been all of them.
Okay. I can tell you, I love all of them. They are. They’re very good religions. But they still weren’t completing me or filling me. And then when I stepped onto the metaphysical path, what yoga, because I became a yoga teacher that was when things start to really open up for me and I started to find myself and then I started to look back at all the things that happened in my life and realized, okay, I can see now the thread that’s running through and all these things, and I can see now what’s happened, why this was created my life and where I’m supposed to go with this.
So for me, um, The actual voice in the head came when I turned 30, um, I literally heard a voice outside of my head. Usually I hear voices in my head and this time I heard a voice outside of my head. And it said the time for playing is over it’s time to work. And it was so moving that I got up out of my bed, I got down on my knees.
And I just held my hands up and I said, I know nothing, teach me everything. And the voice replied we will. And that was it. And then you just trusted in that. And then the rest is history. The rest is history. Uh, you know, you talked about offline. I had asked if you could summarize what’s contributed to that history, that success, you said me and, and I’m really surprised that I.
Don’t hear this more often. You know, usually we hear, um, you know, other factors, which makes sense, you know, your education and your, your upbringing and all those are good things, but I’m surprised that more people don’t take ownership like you did. He said, I contributed most to my success. I am the reason I’m here because even when people told me otherwise hated me, shamed me, talked about me, copied me and tried to bring me down.
I kept on going and I’m so happy I did. And I think entrepreneurs need to do that more. Talk about yourself. You know, I believe you have to be your biggest cheerleader. I’ve had mentors tell me, you know, that I’m not good enough, or I, this is not for me. I’ve had people that were associated with my center.
Tell me how far I could go. And I can’t go any further. I’ve had, you know, ex uh, friends and ex. Lovers or partners tell me that I will never amount to anything. Um, I’ve had a lot of people tell me a lot of really, really mean things in this lifetime. And it’s interesting because my partner now he is so super sensitive that if you just say something like a little, like.
You know, what’s wrong with you? He’ll be like, why are you so mean? He’s just so super sensitive. He’s amazing. He’s like the most loving person I’ve ever met in my life, but that was not my nature. That was not what I grew up with. I grew up with a lot of sarcasm or hard hits or, you know, you got to develop a tough skin.
We’re only joking or whatever. And, um, it was, so he would say to me, how do you, when people do these nasty things to you, how do you not. Take it on. And I said, well, for me to take it on, that means part of me believes what they’re saying. You know, and I don’t, I don’t believe I’m a, I can’t curse on here, but, um, I don’t believe I’m a B I don’t believe I’m a w I don’t believe I’m a C you know, so if that’s their perception, that’s their perception.
And that’s what I think is sticking a lot of people because they keep saying. Um, well, you know, he said this or she said this and it really hurt my feelings. You’re allowing it to hurt your feelings because there’s some part of you that believes what they’re saying. If you really didn’t believe it, you know, if I say to you right now, you know, you’re a cow, you’re going to be like, no, I’m not, I’m not a cow.
Um, human being, it just goes right off. You’re like, you don’t even think about it yet. Other people are buying it because somebody is going to turn to them and say, you’re a bad mother. You’re a bad husband and something in them is already identifying with that. So, yes, I did say to your question, when you asked me, you know, who do you think?
I think myself, because there were so many times along this way that I could have given up, I could have listened to the haters or the spoilers or the miserable people and just say, you’re right. But I refuse to, I think a lot of people, um, I, I’m now realizing, I say, I think a lot. Bye bye. You know, as you talk about other people, you had also mentioned that other people contributed to one of the hardest lessons that you had learned and that people are people despite their intent.
Can you talk a little bit about. The experiences of, maybe it sounds like there there’s circumstances where you had trust in a friendship or a partnership and, um, you know, things weren’t exactly the way that they said they were. I’ve had a lot of beautiful people that I met through my studio because I’m not from Virginia.
I moved here from Florida and even there, I moved from there from another state. So I never really had friends, friends in the area. So a lot of the people that I’ve met through my center, Actually ended up becoming friends after being there for awhile or taking classes or whatnot. And they would become friends or they would either work at my studio or remain like a patron of the studio, but we would have like a friendly vibe with each other.
And what was interesting was that. Um, they came to the spiritual path for their own reasons. They’re hurt, they’re broken. They have their own things that they’re dealing with. So that’s why I said their intentions are pure. Um, you know, which is they want to heal. They want to get better and whatnot, but they’re still people.
And here’s the thing. If you are hungry, you are hungry. And your intentions, you know, it could be the greatest of intentions, but you’re going to make sure that you eat. And I’ve unfortunately had a lot of people steal from me, either steal my ideas, steal my work, you know, steal my classes or, you know, um, try to live off of me and.
I of course had to let them go. They’re no longer associated with my studio, but the thing is, is I don’t feel bad about it. I don’t feel bad about them because I see them for what they are. They’re just people wanting to make a way and wanting to make their own way. And I was caught up in that. So it was a hard lesson for me because being on the metaphysical spiritual path, you just assume everybody’s full of love and light.
And everybody just loves everybody. And everybody just wants the best for everybody. But then you get here and you’re like, wow, there’s actually a lot of bitterness. There’s a lot of jealousy. There’s a lot of fighting, but then when you look past it, you don’t see evil people, you just see broken people wanting to heal.
And that’s why I don’t feel bad about it. And I hope whoever’s listening to me, will understand we can’t look and point fingers at people and what they’re doing to us. We just have to understand where they’re coming from. Yeah, I think, see, I said, I think again, it’s a, it’s a great point. Uh, there’s there’s a lot of quotes about the, you know, the road of good intentions and people.
How was paved with good intentions? Yeah. Yeah. And I, at the end of the day, you, you summed it up well, by basically saying people need to survive. And so people are gonna are going to do things that may be against what their intentions are and, and there’s not always an opportunity to fault them for that.
Well, you know, as we start to wrap up, what do you do? It sounds like your, your business life is, is organized well and has its peaceful groove. So what do you do, even though it sounds like things are pretty, pretty mellow in that world. What do you do outside that world to get even more mellow in your down?
Yeah, I actually love meditating. That’s so cool. Yes. I love meditating. I love travel. Um, I do love to go to one of my hobbies is going to those high vibe areas like Machu Picchu and you know, the, the pyramids in Egypt. And I like to go to, you know, the places that are supposed to be like metaphysical and spiritual in nature, Sedona, Arizona.
I do like to go there and just soak up that energy. Um, I like having my friends over and cooking for them. I like reading lots of books and I love spending time with my children. We just do the funniest things. I have two boys they’re 11 and 13. So it’s like, it’s a boys house, you know, lots of parts. Yeah.
Well, lots of violence, lots of craziness.
I love it. But I get to be a princess here in this boy’s house. So it’s, it’s all good, but I’m, I’m, I’m a normal person and I just love doing normal things, which is really just travel, eat, sleep, you know, meditate and hang out. Well, Uma. I want to give you the opportunity to, you know, put out your website, any contact information and give you a little sales pitch moment.
Um, so throw out or whatever you want. All right. I want to thank you so much for having me. This was such an honor. And if anybody here is listening and you want to get in contact with me, I’d love to hear from you. My website is, just And if you want to know more about my center, if you’re in an Northern, Virginia, and you want to come visit us for some classes, that would be
The YouTube channel I was talking about where I give free readings, free talks, things of that nature that would be Lotus inspiration, 11-11. On YouTube. If you just Google Lotus one word and then inspiration, 11-11 together. You’ll find me on Instagram. I am UmaLotusflower78 on Instagram. I do a lot of inspirational posts there, basically, if you just want to be happy, come find me on Facebook.
Just Google my name, Uma Alexandra Beepat you’ll find my public page and my private page pop up. I don’t care, a friend, a friend, accept everybody because I think the world needs a lot more love, positivity and inspiration. So that’s the messages that I’m bringing. Um, and I hope to hear from you guys, I would love to, you know, write back and tell you, Hey, I heard from people, so, thanks.
Yeah. Thanks for the willingness to do that. Well, the last thing we surprise our guests with a random question generator and yours is pretty easy. I think. Um, describe your perfect day. My perfect day is wearing pajamas, not having to put on makeup to do these podcasts, you know, sitting with a bowl of ice cream, Netflix and chill, and my kids playing.
I’m hearing them laughing. And my partner’s there with me and we’re just relaxing. Yeah. I like it through my Uma Alexandra Beepat. Thanks for your time. Thank you so much for having me.

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