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Troy Hazard: Valuing Your Time Over Money

After being an entrepreneur for three decades, today’s guest has learned to equate the value of his time with sand castles. “Is taking on this new project worth missing out on building a sand castle with my kids?” He asks.…

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Mitch Russo: The Profits in Having a Tribe

Today’s guest has over $35 million in sales and is here to teach you the importance of defining your audience. By better understanding who your ideal customer is, you can serve them better. And it all starts with what he …

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Steve Prentice: Hacking Life Without the Hacks

Today’s guest is a Fortune 500 consultant that can help you get ahead of the competition without big investments in technology or weird hacks. It all boils down to knowing yourself. When do you perform best and how do you …

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Jeff Price: Avoiding Burnout and Maintaining Passion

Ready to learn how to make money doing something you love? Today’s guest is a black belt in martial arts and took his childhood passion for karate and built two success martial arts studios. He talks about passion, burnout, business …

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Kelly Glover: Power of Guest Podcasting

With an 18-year track record working in media across radio, talent management, TV casting, and producing, today’s guest is here to tell you why sharing YOUR expertise on other people’s podcasts could be your secret weapon to success.

– How …

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Ginni Saraswati: Using Podcasts to Build a Brand

As an entrepreneur, should you start your own podcast? What’s the value in doing so? What would you talk about? How often would you record a podcast?

Today’s guest owns a podcast production company that helps entrepreneurs, celebrities, and influential …

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Michele Molitor: Breaking Mental Blocks

What is that thing that always stops you? That one thing that you think about every time you’re about to go to the next level… and it stops you? What if you could break through those mental blocks and be …

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Clay Clark: Finding Love and Humor in Business

Today’s guest found opportunities in small niches and continued to snowball those gains to go on to build and sell several million dollar companies before the age of 40.

Probably one of the podcasts I’ve laughed the most on, please …

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André van Hall: Finding Light from the Dark

Do you have a blind spot when it comes to embracing change? If so, you’re not alone. Today’s guest had a successful forty-year career. Then he went blind over the course of two weeks. However, the most successful people view …

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Chad Peterson: Having Balls

Today’s guest went from a one-man show to a team of 120 in less than two years. He was pulling in millions of dollars per year, then lost it all within a six month window.

Then he got back up, …

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Joey Nittolo: Finding Happiness Beyond Success


Broke the mold of usual business talk and talked with Joey Nittolo about being raised by his mother, married to his pimp and heroin addict father.

He produced several movies, including writing the original story of A Man Apart, …

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Angela Demaree: Finding Time to Live Your Dreams

People often ask her how she is able to do it all – from running for Congress and running for president-elect of a national organization for veterinarians, all while balancing work and riding her horse everyday.
Through the years,
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Bob Clark: Growing a Podcast Successfully

Today’s guest is the most unconventional podcast host you’ve ever met. With over 500 episodes under his belt, he built a successful podcast that was birthed from, essentially, a 24 hour bet. And now his podcast drives 90% of his …

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Immy Tariq: Half a Billion in Less Than a Year

Today’s guest has raised half a billion dollars in less than 6 months… and he’s not even 30 years old. He’s been on Forbes, CNN, CNBC, and more. What drives him? He said, “When you die, hell is meeting the …

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Gwen Fox: Being a Professional Artist

Today’s guest is an artist that has been featured in countless shows, won awards, been included in art books, and was commissioned to create paintings for the NSA.  Her book, Create Brilliantly, is scheduled for release in 2020 and does …

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