Today’s fascinating guest is a business leader that is a powerhouse in her field. She’s innovative, yet humble. And we’re going to talk about how earthquakes played a role career, robots taking over the world, and how she brought a ship building company into land-locked Utah. She also brought tens of thousands of jobs to the beehive state as well. Please welcome, Teri Klug, from

00:01:05 Background of Teri
00:04:07 How did she get to where she’s at?
00:13:55 Largest Utility Grade Solar Project
00:25:08 Universal basic income
00:29:00 Her take on US progress
00:32:00 What’s OOCL?
00:38:57 Vertical fins and horizontal stabilizers
00:43:45 Tips for her younger self and reading
00:51:48 Random Question Generator

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Teri Klug: Creating 10,000 Jobs

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