Awesome podcast today, world traveling chef and the author of First-timers’ Cookbook, Shawn Bucher, joins us. He fell in the culinary arts after taking class by accident. His first job in the food world led to him cutting his finger, blood everywhere, and dropping a knife on his foot. Fast forward 20 years, and he’s a world recognized chef. Please welcome, Shawn Bucher.

00:04:00 Shawn’s Background
00:05:13 Funny story what got him into the culinary world
00:08:33 Technical College experiences & Work on the Delta center
00:10:08 Chefs today being highly looked upon by people
00:11:59 On Mentorship and taking advice/ Role of education
00:15:29 Degree vs Unique Opportunites
00:18:30 Damon asks about the legitmacy of the phrase “90 of all restaurants fail”
00:22:12 The issue on Entry level Restaurants/ Chefs
00:26:47 The association of Convenience stores with fast food
00:28:43 Shawn’s book “First Glimmers Cookbook”
00:33:35 What would Shawn tell his younger self or any advices that he could share
00:39:45 Closing remarks
00:41:02 Random Question Generator

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Shawn Bucher: Accidentally Falling Love with Your Career

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