Reggie Mckiver joins us to talk about finding your life’s defining moment to embrace and then break free of what’s holding you back. Some great laughs on today’s podcast. Please welcome, Reggie Mckiver.

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  • 0:33 – Business Background
  • 8:11 – Self Sabotaging Habit
  • 13:51 – Deeper Understanding
  • 22:38 – Building Generational Wealth
  • 24:50 – Reprogramming Heart

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Hey, it’s Damon Burton from and joining us from LA as Reggie. He is an expert at finding subconscious blocks within clients’ personal and business lives, and he helps them get clarity, breakthrough, and transform their lives or increase productivity and happiness. WhatsApp, Reggie, thanks for joining us.

Oh man, it’s good to be here. Good to be here. Thanks. So why don’t you give our listeners kind of a crash course on, on, you know, how you just real high level short summary on. On what it is and how you do what you do. And then let’s work our way back in time and see how you got to where you’re at. All right.

Well, what I do is I help my clients to find what I call the life, identifiable mobile, and check this out. What if it was one day in your past, between user, between the ages of four and 11? Probably. What is that one day in your life? Something that you saw form your core belief. And what if that core belief was something that you might not even realize that was there now here’s the kicker.

What is that core belief of that day forms your entire manifestation in your life? Up until this present day? So you might say that I’m happy. I’m fruitful. But if your core belief was tied in to something negative in your past, and you formed a belief system behind it, what if your core belief was opposite of what you wanted?

And you constantly manifested things that you didn’t want in your life? It didn’t know why. So that’s like a, that’s like a brief overview, but what I do is I go in and help find that one day and find out what’s really programmed in your mind. Every one is a manifesto, but the thing is I’ll be manifesting the things we want in life, or are we manifesting the same drama and same people over and over again in the same results.

And that’s what I, what I’m an expert at is helping you find that day, which form your entire belief system. You know, it’s really crazy because I I’ve actually seen this. Um, yeah, everyone’s obviously heard of Tony Robbins, but you know, I, prior to this example, I’m about to give, um, which really kind of opened my eyes to your world is Tony Robbins had this guy where, where he stuttered and he worked with this guy, went back in time and any, any pinpointed this day, or he was watching Rocky and Bullwinkle and Rocky and Bullwinkle the guy stuttering.

And he, once he was able to dial that in and identify that day and then kind of go back the other way forward in time. And, and he relieved this guy of stuttering. So it’s really interesting that you can dial in just like this one thing that has such a big impact on your life. Uh huh. Huh. And that’s, and that’s cool.

And, and the thing that’s unique is that most people, they cannot see the results of what’s going on. It’s like they’re caught up. In a story which repeats itself over and over again. And they’re looking at it from within. So they can’t see the boundaries. They can’t see where they live at in this energy.

So what happens is, is when you help the person separate from innocent, separate from their own thought process, look at their life. They begin to see these functions. When I come in, I ask a person questions. What is it that you, how does do you repeat over and over again in your life? And what begins to happen in a person may tell me that my relationships ended up breaking up.

We fuzz and we fight I’m horrifically. And then when you get to the bottom line, They have abandonment issues, but the fear that runs the abandonment issues is something that they come only repeat. It’s kind of like, I’ll say like this, what you fear the most, you actually bring upon you. Fear is being along and being unsupported and being abandoned.

Then their argument pattern leads them to being abandoned and say, you know what? I’m afraid. I don’t want to be bothered with you. I don’t want to be in with your friends this no more, but inside they’re saying I don’t want this person to leave and other, and I’m afraid that I’m going to be abandoned.

But the actions that they do repeat themselves over and over and over again until the relationship has ended. And it goes back to their core belief is that I’m not worthy of support and I’ve been abandoned in my life. So we go back and find that one day with this mindset. Sorry. And usually it’s started.

From a parent that left the scene. And at this time you think about being a child, we process things as children. When there’s a breakup, where there something serious happened, we don’t go to the child and say, Hey, this is what happened. We said, well, we getting separated and that’s leaving or whatever, and he’s full of crap and he’s whatever.

So once this happens, we go and we form our own opinion. And we said, what good is love when you love someone and they’re going to turn around and leave you anyway. Now you walk off, you go, you go on about your business, but you’re vibing in that. And you’re feeling that. And now all of a sudden you’re going throughout life and your, and your relationships and your relationships.

You’re arguing over and over and over again. And all your relationships start breaking up. The kicker is this. How you do one thing is how you do everything. So when you reach business transactions and businesses, they get to a certain corner of freedom in your life that will be able to give you access to things that you want.

You begin the mode of self sabotage and the mode of self sabotage is an active behavior. And this is something unique that I found that everyone has a pattern or something that they do. That brings about their core belief. So whenever they get to that, that line of freedom, they’ll begin to actively sabotage their relationships and sabotage their friendships, and it puts them right back to what their core beliefs steaks.

If your core belief, state States that low equals hurt and abandonment, then anytime you get close to financial freedom relationship freedom. This is bad. So it brings you into the place of abandoned. Now, in your personal, in the relationship, you might do things like that changes in speech pattern or changes in communication.

Then it starts to be all over these breakups. And if you’re currently manifesting. What I did was I stood back and I watched people for over 20 something years. And I found out that they got everyone has a thing that they do when it gets to the point of self sabotage. It can be brought on by words. It can be brought on by social different associations from the past, but once it happens, clients the same.

Hey, You know, I have problems because I want it always to beat in the front and the front line. And I always feel like I’m being disrespected and put behind the first thing. I’m going to ask them. What’s your relationship with someone because how you treat yourself is that, that rate response of how the world treats you, then I’m going to ask you, how did you start that form that you’re put on the back burner.

Then it goes back to something that a sibling was favored over the other. And then they formed this belief system because of that. Now when it’s time for them to go on stage and perform, they can’t get their thoughts together. Their mind is all over the place. And when they get on stage, they do this job that’s right.

Terrible. And then when they get back to shop, I don’t know what happened, but what happened was you could not bypass your own core belief. Imagine that everyone has core beliefs that they’re manifesting from. And most don’t even know it. Yeah. Well, I was going to ask you, you know, you said you’ve been in this, you started looking at this about two decades ago and I was going to ask you, have you seen these, these self sabotaging habits become worse with social media and just tapping into these highlight reels that aren’t realistic.

Yeah. Yeah. Social media in the great world of pretenders and trying to measure yourself up to those pretenders by an illusion and that, and that makes everything worse because everyone is measuring themselves according to someone else’s illusion that may not even be real. So the fight of trying to keep up, it makes it terrible.

He’s saying. And social media is where everyone sells. They sell things that they claim that can do this, and they claim that I can do that. But what they’re doing is they’re making money off of the claims of what can sell now, a person when they have these belief systems everyday on social media, there’s someone taking you down a different rabbit hole.

Well, have you, have you tried. Well, we touch him with this and have you tried this and miss is going to help your mindset, and this is going to help your medical station. So they walk away feeling less stamped because they tried these techniques and they cannot manifests and they go in and try another technique and they can’t manifest what I find that what most people do.

It’s equivalent to trying to build a house from the top down thing, try to deal with a person’s symptoms online. And they’re saying, try this. But in the sense what they’re doing is they’re teach they’re further separate and people from that purpose at your mind, if identifiable moment mine was this, I had a dream in a playground and my mom said she had gotten shot in my dream.

When she says, I’m not going to be able to be there for you. Like I used to be there. So in the dream I’m holding there, I’m crying. I’m a little kid. So when go from the drink, she was already sick and had to go into the hospital. Family member came to stay with us. And I cried. I mean, man, I cried every night.

I I’ve never been separated from my mom. She was my best friend, the movie gremlins that came out and she gave me this little dog gizmo, man. You remember? I don’t know if you have it.

Yes. Well, when you, when you would shake him, he will make this, this, this crying noise and walk around the house. Shaking is more crime. Yeah. So my family member was kitchen and in the kitchen she was cooking and she had, she had the burden of taking care of the family. So she told me, she says, dad, she saw me crying.

She said, shut up, get out of my face. Your mom’s going to die. She’s never coming back home. No, she spoke out of her frustration, but me as a kid, I went along and I said, love is bad. And what’s the use in Lebanon one, because if you love them, they’re going to leave you. So get hard. Now, my mom is still alive today.

It took me maybe it’s up until a couple of years ago to break that wall that I put up against her. She came back home. I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t sleep with me or wouldn’t play. I wouldn’t let her hug me. And she says, Oh, he’s growing up. He’s becoming a man. But something worse was happening. What are the key works?

I stopped being that kid. This is like one of the most critical things that I’ll talk about. And I’ll put on this costume. Some people say a mask, but I put on an entire costume and I showed up as a different person. Now, when I showed up as a different person, check this out, like could not open up for me because at the time I put on that costume, I therefore lost my ability to be authentic.

So now I’m behaving from this constantly. Now I’m reacting with life from this constant, this is broken friendships. This has led to divorce court. This has led to all kinds of things because the person that I was being represented as could not get the blessings of life, because I was not showing up as to who I was, but a result of what I seen.

Now the core beliefs was not good enough. Not worthy of love. Love is bad. So the minute I got in there, it was relationship. Our relationship seemed to be everything you want in the beginning, but that’s the part of the sabotage get in the relationship. Everything. Things going good, then you race to get to the left line.

So before you know it, I love you. I, I, you, the best thing that ever happened to me, Tom, she says, I love you. Okay? And it’s like, why what’s wrong with you? Why, why are you tripping? What’s what’s wrong now I’m actively sabotaging the relationship because that’s a kid. I formed the belief pattern that love is bad.

Now imagine. A manifestation that everyone has this so strong, but it’s working against them instead of, for them in their locked, in all the intelligence, all of the learning, all the things that I’ve been through only immediately back to the same place, money, the same thing. When it offered freedom, tell him I got to the place of freedom.

Guess what? Money start shutting down. And imagine how many people are only cycles and our manifestors, but they don’t don’t even know how powerful they are because they locked in the system of where they were costuming and showing up. I’m like, yeah. Now it makes a lot of sense. Why don’t you kind of tell the audience a little bit about what it’s like to work with you and how do they break through and you know, what, how do you do what you do to get these, these people breaking through.

Oh, Kevin things, man. It’s it’s people. They, they there see that’s negative. It has to work by being elusive. And I always tell people, you, you think that life was just about you where you stand. People have these things pretty much hidden from themselves. Think about it. That’s the only way it’s successful because it hides from the person and puts them inside of a storyline.

Now, what I do is I ask the person questions when I meet them, just random questions and conversation, and I always ask them this. I want you to take money. And make money. Money is going to step out and give me a review of who you are. I’m not going to ask you. I want your money to talk to me. If money rent came into the room is set down.

And if money was looking at you and your face and show you what the relationship was like, what money say they say, well, money. When it would say I’m willing fateful. Money. Yep. Same. Yeah. That I get rid of it. Someone said that money and it’s like,

this begins the process of separating them from the prison of themselves where they can see. Now I’ll ask you, let your real. Spouse or girlfriend come in the room. What would they say about you? Would they say the same thing that your money is saying every time? It’s pretty much, yeah. Now I’m going to say this.

Now you step outside of yourself and you walk in the room. What would you say about the way that you treat you in relationship? The money, the spouse and the self. Well, all agree to the same thing. Once I find that out there, Oh, we have common things. See, I either made this over the years and it could be lack of support it.

Now this will meet me directly to their core belief and when it started, so I retraced this back, then create a mode system, man, it back. And this leads me to the exact day. When these things first started in the mind, 99.9% of the time I found it. And it’s never been a time where I didn’t find it.

Sometimes we’ll be on it and I’ll look at myself with something doesn’t sound right. And I’ll do an exercise where I’ll tell them, okay, we got to prepare to separate from these things at a certain time. And this spiritual work that we do. And the spiritual work is this is that. You have to have the ability to be present.

And then when you present, you address the people that you have issues with in a meditation type environment, tell them this is important because it is when you find out what that core, when we find out what that day is, we gotta be prepared to cut you from this and then rebuilt your subconscious mind.

So in the time that I set the date, they go back and they start researching because they want to get this right. They don’t, when we have the call, they’ll get on the phone. When every time they say, you know, I’ve thought of something. And when they say that, bingo, we use the gap. So we get the exact Zack date because sometimes it might start with something that they see, but they’re always saying this always on that day, I sent them myself.

And then they begin to show me the fabric of who they are. And once we do Batman, we do what is called, um, cortex and in the core County, that is spiritual environment where we face everyone who’s ever hurt you a dating thing too. But the kicker is this. It can’t be released from a person until, you know, how they made you bet.

Now, what is the people that hurt you in your life, the sickness in your body? What if all of them came in the room as teachers and they would tell you what they came to do. Now, most people look at it from the aspect of being a victim, but when you step outside of it and your sickness is sickness itself spoke to you and said, I came to teach you how to let go of anger.

Because if you hold onto this anger, it’s going to kill you. Now, one of them are reckless parts. If sickness is a teacher, what happens when you get the lesson that sickness came to teach you the friends in your life that repetitively hurt you? What happens when you can look at them and show them how they made you bet.

This is like how we work with the client, how it works with the client, the most important part. Are you ready for it? Yeah. Well, it’s important for everyone. Only in this world is born with a gift now that get the end result of that gift. And it has to bring connection to you and the world around you. And it also has to establish a legacy that changes your book.

Now you’re born with this gift something you good again, you’re not just born with just a random gift. Something gave you the skin. Now, when you’re born with that gear, I call it mathematics. There’s another thing that happens. People like you before. So what if for every gift you were born with, there was another energy that created the circumstances to try to Rob you a fulfillment of that year.

And you think about it. Everyone is born with a life identifiable moment. And most people, they that go down a path of trucks, hurt, abuse, all kinds of things. And some people go down paths where they can manifest money, but they can’t manifest relationships. What about if you were born, there was something that trapped to create situations to Rob you of your gift, but what did they get there?

Well, who gave you the gear already knew that that was going to happen? And is depending on that to mature you for your gift. So when a person comes to me and say, well, I don’t know what my gift is. We traced the life identifiable moment. And I asked the Mitch, who were you before that day? And they would say, I’m this creative person.

I’m this person that I’m this kid. Yeah, like parrot ships. And I like to organize people and we like to go down and we like to play against the other kids in the neighborhood and we create these shifts. And with these, I asked if we have these part patches on our app. Now Cabot cute is that if you, if you take everything off the tape, man, we go, we kind of go like a Christmas kids, Christmas, Carol.

We don’t look into wind up your life in the past. What did that key in? What could that be? They may start sending with that kid. Can run his own corporation with that kid, if I will see. So he’s got this, this, and this missed our plan. Some said, what if that was what you were meant to be? Now? I say this take, that hurt that you got from that life identifiable moment and that core belief and add that hurt to your, to your true purpose.

How does that hurt mature of you to help those type needs? Do you know that. We start a business based off of your shoe gear, what chamber hurt you and what came to hurt you becomes your target audience because you know those people better than anyone. Yeah. Yeah. Now you’d know the exact reason what you were born for mommy.

When you find out what you were born for, there’s nothing in this world that can stop you. Because you know exactly why you here exactly who you’re supposed to work with and exactly how you’re going to make the world better. Now, what do we do about the person who’s separate? What they finance? When we get all of that street, I always say this start a bank account for your children’s children, innocent.

Why? Because this is the way that you build generational wealth. Then I had them do hieroglyphics. I have the right images, who they work their life identifiable moment in who they are now. And I said, this is not for you. This is for your great, great, great grandkids that they can look at this wall and see what my family represented, then what it represented at the change.

And if ever I get discouraged, I can look at my bloodline and see. What my great, great, great grandfather did. And I said, well, what if this is the, this is the truth. He turned me is this longest? Who knows? So if your wife and your grandparents lie and your parents right in the scope of eternity, all this can happen within the same day.

And it begins to mr. Hannah. And I said, what if, what you’re doing right now is actually doing work back in time and in the future. And then they changed the way they see reality and you know, where you go, uh, teachers that there’s an alignment that’s already think about it. You got the gift. Something gave you that gift.

When you go through that pain. There’s an alignment. That’s already looking for you. So what is, when you came in alignment, what is alignment your heart and your mind and your function, this war. Did you know that your heart there’s an exercise that I do that opens up your heart because your heart has an intelligence.

It has a mind that has all of these things. They said, well, my heart is loved when we open up the heart. They always tell me stuff. They’ll tell me crazy things. My heart said, get out my heart said you never paid me any attention. And I told them this, we wished the heart would be shaped like this at full of love, but your heart can actually be programmed with wickedness.

Your heart can actually be programmed with the negative police for bad. So when you walk inside of your heart, Your heart will begin to talk to you and say, if you didn’t pay me in attention, then why aren’t you paying me attention? Now? It’s the equivalent of walking into a child’s life that you’ve been absent in your whole life.

And now you want to form a relationship. No. When you listen to the heart, the heart may need to bleed. It may need to cry maybe to get it out. When you get the heart in mind in alignment and our cheeks don’t think members in your hand. Don’t always know that you can with guidance when you’re in alignment and you get these things straight, then life is looking for you and doors begin to open and things begin to happen.

Now you got get, you know, why you here and now those barriers are broken. And now life gives that, got clients that told me that they increased their income four times. And these are people that give, um, represents. And these are people that are saying, Hey, listen, you know, and that’s how you, Reggie is not for everyone because if you got 1200 coaches, Reggie is not for you.

Because when you go through this process, this is a process that you gotta follow from beginning to end. And it’s critical that you don’t come back to me next week and saying, Hey man, I saw this video. And now they said soda pump, soda pop would get rid of your trials and tribulations. I’m like, that’s not true.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You kind of started to touch on one thing. I was going to ask you, you know, what type of time frame does it usually take for your clients to break free and go through this process are usually warn people through. Uh, pretty much a three month process and I do it in three phases. The first phase that first month, we’re finding that identifiable moment and the aspects of that identifiable moment, because it’s about education.

The next Rex it’s when we actually break the things that have been holding you back the third phase. Is that we start a vision based off of who you were meant to be, and we structure your business around that. The weird thing. Yes. At the three months, some people, the lives change when energy changes, sometimes everyone in your life would change.

Either. They’ll grow with you, they’ll walk away from you or you walk away from men because once the energy changes. You think about it. If you got a customer, everything in your round, it could be wrong. Yeah. And that’s the sad truth that a person, they got a face and it’s the realizations that they come up with.

That three months is an empowerment for them. If, if I overstep my boundary, they’re going to always need me. It’s not about that. It’s about empowering them to see it and take control of it and profit from it. So it takes about three months. So, so it’s almost like a two for one working with Reggie because you know, you get, you get your life on track and then, and then you walk out financially better.

Yeah. You always say this. You gonna, you gonna not only make your investment back, what you’re going to build a legacy for your children’s children. And you’re going to make the world better. If anyone says I can make you better. Or first of all, that’s where I’m turning out. If I can make you better without you making the world better, then you’re going to lead up with a selfish life.

Yeah. Have you had, have you ever read the book? It’s a, it’s a kid’s book. It’s called three cups. I have what I’m writing down. Yeah. You gotta check it out. So, uh, I’ll give you a crash course on it or what it is. It’s about these parents. They give this, this kid. I can’t remember how old he is in the book. I think he’s five.

And, um, well, when he has his birthday, his parents say, Hey, we’re gonna now it’s time that you get an allowance. You’re old enough for an allowance and here’s your birthday gift. And he opens it up and it’s three coffee mugs. And he goes, these are out of the cupboard. And they go, well, just wait. You know, that they’re going to bring untold fortunes and life experiences.

And so the three, the three cuts is, um, well they, they distribute his allowance and then these three cups. So one third of his allowance goes to savings. A third goes to spending and a third goes to charity. And so then it walks through the life of this kid growing up and experiencing these events and then it ends.

By the kid being an adult now and then getting his kid three cats. Wow. Yeah, no, you’ll dig it. It’s a, it’s a quick read. It’s look, it’s a book, but yeah. You would, you would talk to, I think it’s interesting where you talked, where you simplified the process and said, Hey, money is walking in the door. So let’s see what money has to say.

And, you know, people probably know their faults. Uh, the majority of people probably know to some extent consciously. Um, you know, what their faults are, but consciously they kind of have this detachment. And so it’s interesting when you start asking them what would money say and then your spouse and then you, but I’m betting that you’ll probably agree if you were to start the other way around and say, what.

What is you say, what is she bouncing? What is money say? And then it’s just going to be all over it. Yeah, exactly, exactly. That rope. I learned that by trial and error, but not to do it that way. Yeah. Okay. Is there, uh, is there, is there common frequency, uh, you know, three breakups, four breakups, five repeating events before somebody finally says, you know, I think I’m the common denominator.

And then they go, okay, now that I realize that, let me go find Reggie, let me go find some help. That sounds like a commercial for me. I appreciate that.

Yeah, you you’d be just separate you at that time, but now

yes. Kind of happens like that. And what I worry about is the people that take back to the grave. When do you, when, when a person sees this brother faint, realize that everyone repeats themselves in their life, they realize that it rehearsing when they got out of a relationship and they got into another relationship and the person in the relationship acted just like the last person in the relationship.

Yeah. But it looks different. Is that constant going over and over again? And this sets up the ego, and this is an important thing. What I teach to three parts to you, eco intuition and spirit, the eco is what protects the fears. So in the protecting of defeats the eco, let’s say you, you quick breakdown. Ego is the loudest thing in your hand.

The intuition it’s the second loudness, but it works more through a gut feeling in the stomach and more centralized on the left side of the body spirit, which is a guy which is a small listing, but the spirit is supposed to be the most down because the spirit will teach you how to create business. And man, we talk again, I do the spirit of business where.

The grapes would tell you that something told them how to do what D now, everyone that has a spirit got in them that shows them exactly how to structure their business and what to do. And I do exercises with some of the biggest critics and they walk out of there. Because I tricked the ego. And when I trick the ego, a trick me in a way where he can’t exer and they have to answer from the spirit guy and they get the right answers to life the whole time.

So the ego is that protective thing. Listen, standing at the alter, you got me. So he told you when you met this girl, she’s not the one, your ego. It says, no, we can make this work. I love her. Where’s she’s weak. I’m to make her strong. And we got to fight this world again, then your spirit just out of it gets out of it.

Three of you in a row, she’d come, you live in, in half a house. Cause she took the other half. Everything is, is tore up. It comes back again and you save this to your fridge. Email something told me not to get involved with that girl. Yeah. Most people do it again and do it again. It’s when they get in those cycles excusal, when they find me and that like, what is what’s going on in my life?

Your ego is protected your core belief. And any time you approached some freedom, Your ego will cut. So that’s pretty, what’s the answer to that. So, so let’s go, let’s go back in time a little bit, you know, offline where we were talking about, you got a background in, in, uh, law enforcement. So, um, you know, I imagine that you got some stories from, from those days and you probably learned some lessons yourself and, you know, so give our listeners just to.

Condensed summary of your background in law enforcement. And then why don’t we kind of talk about, you know, were you able to take any experiences from that career and bring it into your current career? Oh yeah. That’s it without they don’t love being a police officer. I did it. I mean, I, I’m still a fan of cops and everything else on TV today, but I’ve learned by being a cop it’s taught me.

How to work with people beyond my prejudice or, or, and taught me how to understand people. It taught me how people are at their worst and their best, and it helped me deal with people and see the road that they were on. Even to this day. If I see the patterns what’s going on. Then I can pretty much tell you if it’s going to end up really bad.

One day based off the energy and the frequency, it’s taught me how to really cut a lot of that, that help people shift a lot of things before bad things really happen. And being that cop, I’ll tell you it ran a business while I was a cop. So I was a workaholic too, you know, proud of it. Everything that I’ve learned in those areas.

And I told people this didn’t start with me with a silver spoon in my mouth. It started with me 13, with $13 to my name and raising a daughter as a single father. And she taught me how these lessons that I teach people, I didn’t pick up a book and learn them. These things that I’ve learned, I’ve learned the hard way by being frustrated.

And I wasn’t scared to step outside side of tradition and ask answers for answers to real questions. And then I learned about how to be guided by the spirit. You know, I learned how to really kill this ego and break it apart and see what it was doing. So in those years of law enforcement, they were like critical and it was all a part of the path because the true gift before my life identifiable moment.

I want it. I tried to heal puppies and help people. So when I went through all of the hurt, the pain, the heartbreak, the disappointment, I added all of that, to that really kid. And now I’m helping the world. So it was law enforcement was like everything. Ha ha ha. How did, how did that transition start from law enforcement in your current career?

And was it a pretty quick transition or was this something that you kind of an evolving process? Uh, this was what happened was it’s like I tell people, you know, when they hear my life, I’m like I have one in a million chances to happen over and over again. So talking to my friends about laws of attraction, and my thing was this why law of attraction won’t work and we’ll go into the core belief and all of these things.

And we would talk about these things and they said, ranch, man. That’s why you out there. You crazy. This is a town of 10,000. So when I learned how to see outside of self, I told them I’m going to be moving to California. I just know it. And they said, well, how do you, how do you know that? I said, because I see myself there and it just crazy things were happening so well, just so happens.

My wife, you know, um, she’s actress and comedian and. She came close to my hometown and someone called me on the phone and they said, Hey, rich, you know, we want you to speak, got this event without speaking on metaphysics and hair loss. I have that. And so when I got there, they asked me saying, Hey, since you’re a police officer, why don’t you watch over her or while she’s here and make sure she gets back to her hotel.

So in doing that, you know, we met and we begin to talk and I had this thing that I do then, and I still do it. I would read the nails. And then they’ll would show me what dominant energy is holding you back in life and what nutrition that it robs. So if the liver holds anger, then the liver sends out a certain color and checks into the nail.

And then I was helping people remove those energies. I did a problem moment. So when we get in the car, we start talking. I read her nails and she always tell people that I held on to her hand too long. But in fact, she goes, because I was doing the reading. So nobody’s going to jerk back. That’s my story.

From there, we began talking, got mayor and then black the change. Now here’s the point? Bring everyone to when. When I left the police department, I was PTSD heavy. You know, I was on the special operations response team or the equivalent of swipe team. And I think the Wednesday night before, you know, we ran through our house, then the next day I’m coming in the office and I’m, you know, so when you go from Monday morning executive meetings every morning at nine o’clock, when you go from.

You’re responsible for the entire, I was the night Lieutenant, which assumed the responsibility of the whole city once the day shift went home. So imagine having that pressure on you for all of these years and all of a sudden, the bad that you’ve seen, the things that happen, you quit and 18 years, and you chase your true purpose.

So once you, you get, you do it. You just like, man, this is the thing that I fear because I have pride. I took a business to six figures in a year. I had a car, I had the Mo I had everything and now I gave it all up and I moved. And now I’m sitting on the edge of the bed now. So the PTSD. That’s what it kicks, but like I mentioned, and what you fear the most, you do, you do this job.

And then now the reality tries to come in and try to kick in the chart and show you, what did you do? You have six years to go to retirement. You could’ve got a check every week, every month, the rest of your life. What have you done now? You don’t have a retirement. Now. You don’t have this. And I had to listen to that voice.

Now I got to hear the back of my head. You remember that scene that you seen? How are you going to deal with that without the support of your police officers? Why didn’t you lead them out there? They’re still out there with all these things going on in this day and age. Why did you leave? You didn’t deserve to leave them.

Why didn’t you then the questions is why you here. Why don’t you kill yourself? Why succeed? I always tell people what’s real. I don’t show them that I put on these ballerina shoes and begin to spin around and get things begin to happen. I had to go through a dark hour where everything that I feared and everything in my mind that was internal came to me.

There’s a process through all of those things. When I basically started shooting in the dark at night and I would just sit there in a room with no lights and. My mind was my worst enemy. Feel like I didn’t have the purpose. No more. Same spirit guy says get up it, turn that light. The person who gifted the spirit gifted the, you knew what it was doing and start trusting and you’ll pass and start seeing what you made up.

And I had to do a process. What I take people through, I got a piece of paper and I wrote down eight things that I could do to create income. Then I did this, the man who I was with that costume, I said, he’s got a die. So it wasn’t that suicidal thoughts was the kicker. Some people listen to the suicide thoughts and they do it.

It’s not that it’s not that it’s saying kill yourself. It’s saying kill that person that you used to be. Because you can’t take him, where’d you go? So I had to separate and I had to see what that taught me. Then I had to go and pursue, right. So I got up and I was, I said, I can read nails. That was a party favor, but then that party favor began to be a major income now.

I began taking in clients. And I said, since I was 19 years old, I’ve been counseling people talking to people about trouble. I said, now this thing, this, that was before it was a coach, then it was just a, but, so I started out as a professional buddy and then that buddy, I guess, turned into coach and that’s what they call it now.

So I started to draw clientele and when they found out what I could do. They began to come looking for me. So now I was sitting on the bed and now incomes rolling in now purposes. Rolling in. Now I’ve got fire behind me. Now life continues to open up until it really makes sense. And when you can have that date for all the things you’ve been through lead you toward the work that you do, and that’s a great film.

So I went from. Man as retirement, I already got like $2,600 a month in the South. And I’m like the real estate part of me. Now. It’s like, man, I can make that in 15 minutes. So the things that helped me prison, him prisoner and bound, my whole mindset had to change. And you’ll be surprised what you could be locked into.

People are saying that that would tell them from the beginning, Hey, I want you to do something to increase from those eight things by $500 in a month. And they’ll look at me, like I just shot their best friend. And they’ll say, how in the world am I supposed to do that? How those are things that I do to flush out their ego and their blocks.

I can take a successful person say, Hey, I need you to come up with an idea and profit from it by 7,000 in a week. And they look at me and they say computer and they say, okay, so. All of these things, man. In fact, that’s where I’m at now. So I think I like the term professional buddy I’ve entered the couch because you know, you’re probably like me.

So like in my world of online marketing, there’s, there’s the snake oil salesman and you know, I don’t have a different term to say I do what I do, but like you could roll a professional buddy. And I think.

Yeah, that’s, I’m going to see your value proposition is, uh, I’m different from everybody else because I’m a professional buddy, you know, it’s, um, it’s always fascinating to hear the stories that coaches and professional buddies go through to. Have you come, who they are. You know, I was talking to another gentleman on, on one of the other recent podcasts and there’s always like this big story.

And I think that’s, that’s kind of like an unnecessary qualifier for the legit coaches out there. They got gotta walk in those shoes too and have something happen. I’m going to say something I don’t say too often, a coach and said two per kid. Doesn’t make you a coach. Yeah. Life experiences. Make you the best because what we’re supposed to do, it’s not a certification course.

What we’re supposed to do is strengthen our brothers and our sisters. That is what our mission is in life is to help people. So everyone is a coach. When I hear the word coach, I think of, um, Dallas Cowboys, I think of coach. Yeah. I really like the terminology. Yeah. And I’ll tell you this kicker too.

Sometimes we have trouble defining ourselves. So we call myself, I’m a coach this month, I’m this coach. And then I’m growing into this coach. I tell people this, the moment you define yourself, you eat the fruit evidence and stop trying to worry about defining yourself. Because whenever you define yourself, it’s like a stop in life.

You have to become that. And when you have to be coding that you stopped. Where are you going? And you settled for that reality domain yourself. You just help people. And when the term is right, it come to coaches, chase titles, they chase things. And when they catch them, ends up messing them up. And that that’s the name.

You get the idea for any, anyone that’s ever struggled with anything like that. Don’t strive for certification Stripe for life expenses and understanding your story. Do you think an interesting topic that came up in, in with that, with that same gentleman I was talking about who, um, is kinda in a similar industry as you is, we talked about victim mentality.

Do you think that, um, Do you think that a lot of society or the quantity of prevalence of people that have victim mentalities are increasing and unnecessarily people are unnecessarily claiming that at to solve their, their problems in their head? Yeah. I don’t even like turning on Facebook these days because everything is about victims.

What this person has done. And what’s been, yeah, it is to the point where I think a lot of social media breeds this, but think about this when you become emotional and when you become like this, then you become controllable. And I think that the higher we push these limits. In the higher week, we are victims.

And it’s always going to be someone that steps in and control that’s being a victim. So we are a victim about what happened. Then we become a victim by society and it puts us in a system where we’re always going to need services. So we’re going to always need something and never can become home anymore.

Person Christ depressing. That’s the victim thing. Now you got, what’s called a comment section. And they tell you, you were exactly right. They shouldn’t have did this to you. And they don’t even know the whole story. They just, they know your mum, Ryan self better than anybody, but we’ll back you up. And what you say, even when you’re wrong.

Now this hurts the innocent person, because they’re reading all this thing and this hurts the person with a gift because now they’re too scared to step out there with it because they’re afraid that common sense. So victimization, I think it’s breeding something in this world is heading towards it. Now, you know me and you are friends, you saying who you don’t like now we not friends no more and better yet.

If I really want to get you, I turn around and say where you’re racist. And then when I say that, then everybody jumps in on you being racist. Now they go search your timeline. And if you did anything that’s suspect in any kind of way, it goes through your job. And then when they go into the job, it talking to your boss, licky him eating Cheetos with all white people there I’m here.

No you find and vice versa with me. And now we’re breeding this victimization in the strength that comes from a, being a victim in this unit. And it comes from being a victim and now it’s us against them. And everything is breeding breaking us apart, but someone is profit. For my division, someone is profiting from us being a victim, but we never asked a question who or what a lot.

We just look plain in the role of victim and it empowers us to net. You’re going to get a hug from somebody, but you got to miss your purpose because once you show up like that on social media, they’re expecting you to always be tied and related to that person. So, yeah, I think, I think it’s increasing like crazy.

And it’s hard to talk to the victim mentality people too, because it’s, it’s like, um, you know, you don’t know, you don’t know what you don’t know. And so when you talk to these victim mentality, people, they’re not going to, most of them, aren’t going to own it. And they’re not going to say you’re right. I am playing the victim card.

And so then when you do try to talk to them, then in their mind, you’re just insulting them. And it’s just like, you can’t win. You don’t know. This is the craziest word I’ve ever seen. You could be in a relationship with someone and they sitting at the table with you and they texting you. Why they at the table?

Yeah, I really don’t like what you said. Okay. Last night, but I’m eating with you and I really don’t. I want to be here. Well, yeah, kicks right back to him and you sitting at the table and instead of communicating with one another it’s long and it’s like, no, It’s not about politics. It’s not about anything.

It’s about, they sent this, he said this and I’m voting for him and I’m voting for her because she said this and about each other, but we are an uninformed country. It’s terrible. And I’ll connection. If we play that victim role. Then we lose our ability to be connected in this world is only gonna work when you add your hurt and your story to my hurt my story.

And we go around and kill the world. Not about how we’re victim, but how, the thing that supposed to hurt us the most has made us the strongest that we’ve ever been. And I can look at the person who victim. I can look at these people that hurt me in my life. And I can say, thank you. Because if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be the person that I am.

How can I look at a person that hurt me the most and tell them that, how can I also look at the person that hurt me the most and let them still keep hurting me even to this day, you’ve got to release them and you got to learn from them, but that, but there’ll be a victim now it’s profitable for someone, but most of the time, it’s not Nick.

Yeah. Well, so you had touched on, um, when you’re talking about your law enforcement days, you talked about your herbal and metaphysical retail store. So, um, so you had correct me if I’m wrong. So you, that was the, the, I think you kind of referred to it as like a side business that you were running while during law enforcement, and that’s not part of your current world.

No, the, um, the metaphysics in their herbs. When I look at the nails, I’ll always, like, I tell people, you know, I’m not a doctor. Look at the nails. I would tell them what minerals that they’re lacking in the body. Based off of those minerals, I will let them get the necessary things that they need to bring their minerals in the boundaries, because this there’s a balance that the body needs to have in order to cope.

With a lot of these energies. So this nutrition puts things back Kent to the bottom. So a lot of what I do in metaphysics is let’s say a person comes to me and they have like support diseases, fibromyalgia, autoimmune diseases. Well, automatically I go into the metaphysical part and then the medical school part of that helps me help them.

So I still use those things, but. I’m not the earth herbalist anymore. I just show them where they go in the right direction and metaphysics that’s. I use that every day, you know? So, so now I want to get into, um, you know, as we’re kind of wrapping up here, uh, let, let’s ask you, I got kind of two other two paths I want to go down.

Um, so the first one is, you know, what would you tell your younger self or, you know, what’s something what’s a little, I hate the word. I hate to use the word hack, but you know what, something the listeners could take away, uh, you know, something easy they could do or where to start. Hey, here’s the question.

Here’s the thing, even the path is, is to take those people outside of you and ask them those questions then to go back to your life, identifiable more cool. And this is part of what I do. You literally tap into your heart and bring you outside of you. For like three days to a week, I’ll have you riding around with your Moodle.

So when you get in the car, you gotta make sure your seatbelt and you got to communicate with them. And you’ve got to listen to the questions that he’s asking you about the future, and you gotta be real with it. Once you start having that interaction, like I tell people, you actually are changing a lot more than what you think you are when you start listening to that inner key.

If he’s going to ask you like mine, what did you, what should I have done? When I was told that by a family member and I said, little man, I call myself a little man. You should have did that. When that happened, you should have understood that she was frustrated. She did not know whether or not your mom was going to die.

She was frustrated. Tom people worked hard back then. And she told you what she needed to tell you to shut you up. If not what she didn’t mean. It, she didn’t, she was scared herself. And our allow myself to ask questions back then. So I should have continued to hope my mom. Yeah. Yeah. You shouldn’t continue to hug your mom.

It don’t ever stop hugging your mom. So you changed the nature of where they were at. Why’d you sit in there, hug your mom, embrace your mom. Don’t stop sleeping with, if you, if you 20, you still in the bed with her, that’s kind of freaky right there. Yeah.

Don’t lose the love and don’t, don’t break that bond no matter what. Now, when you start empowering that younger, you do that. This is the closest thing to our call magic that I ever seen. Because while you’re going through that process, you kind of erasing things in your presence and people will come to me every day saying, man, you won’t believe what happened.

You won’t believe this person just ended a partnership with me, but I needed to let him go anyway. This person just walked in my life. They’ve been seeing me my whole life, and now they walk up to me and want to go out on a date. And I tell them, according to your energy, you were invisible and your energy has you in a certain frequency.

And as long as you at that frequency, you’re going to get the fruit of that frequency. When you change your belief systems and your core beliefs, then check this out. Your frequency has to change. And if the frequency changes, because it’s no, you gave it a truth and an education it’s impossible for you to go back to being the same person, because the frequency doesn’t live there anymore.

Once she raised the frequency, you get the fruit of that frequency and that’s a whole nother class, right there. Does that put that that’s everything, that’s your whole, your totality of your core beliefs and all that. Equals a certain megahertz frequency. Once you changed that by putting truth on your core beliefs, you went for a ride.

So talking to that little person and listen to that little person, don’t talk from your ego. Don’t talk from. Hey, let them in and we’ll tell you like this. I need you to straighten your little self up. I need you to do this, and I need you to do that because you’re going to have zero responses, but that’s what that little person is going to cause you to open up your heart and you have to listen to what that little person says.

All right. Okay. Well, Reggie, why don’t we kind of wrap up on a personal note, you know, what do you like doing in your downtime? What hobbies you into. May I like, I like seeing stuff. I like, I work in a lot of different cities, so I always like to go and see the history. I like that. I like to find stuff, man.

I love like crystals and rocks. And I love to hear about ancient civilizations and seeing how they use things like courts were intentioned. Oh, okay. We can have some, some good conversations in there. I love fishing. I love getting on the boat and the vegans. Right. Well, how could you kill fish? And that’s a whole nother thing because they taste good.

That’s right, man. You send them the right recipe. They said, okay, I see you. I like doing, man. What about you? Oh man. You know, I’m a, I’m a family guy too. So, um, I, I try really hard to balance the family. A work life. I do really, I, I’m pretty proud of how well I do on that. So, um, you know, we get out of town and I take, I taken the kids.

Traveling are a radius of traveling though shrunk with the kids because it’s like, after like more than like 90 minutes on the phone, Playing just make cut and that with little kids. Sure. You know, I’m heading, um, I’m heading your way, LA um, I want to say two months, I’m like, I’m heading to San Diego tomorrow.

Um, LA probably in a month or two and I’ll have to go grab a bite, man. You got to get in touch with me because that’s what we going to do. So, uh, you know, your wife, you had mentioned, um, I’m going to tell ya. In living fuller was so ahead of its time, that was one of the few shows that for my childhood, that I can totally remember.

I don’t know why, but the little things I tend to forget, but I live in color. I was all about that show. Yeah. She was made an abrupt favorite skit. She did. She was in the Jamaican family where they had all these jobs. Right. Ain’t nothing changed with to this day. She still got it. Yeah. I don’t know how, I don’t think that that show would fly nowadays though.

Man, you’d be in some hot water. I run in some of those sketches. Yeah. It’d be some prisons since it was given out. Yeah. Yeah. Alright. So, um, Reggie McKeever, I appreciate your time. Uh, why don’t you throw out your contact information? How can people get ahold of ya? The best way. I’ll tell them this the best way.

Shoot me an email at Reggie R E G G I E McKiver, M C K I V E R. Shoot me an email. I’ll email you back and then we can go from there. So my thing is, if you want to be great in this world, then that’s when you need yourself. We’re rich. Alright, man. I was hoping I didn’t slaughter your last name and I did.

Hey, it’s better than my physics teacher. He was, he told me this, he called me MacGyver and whatever. He would go on this theory. He says, well, isn’t that right with GABA? You know, you, you, and then you got your kit and I’m like, man, I’m just a McKiver. I’m not the dude who I got from TB. I’m Reggie, come on.

It’s getting all buddy. You know, our listeners are oil. I’ve heard, heard what I’m about to tell you though. I’ve heard this before, but, um, uh, my wife and I, we’ve been married for 12 years and we’ve been together for 14 and she has a twin brother and. He calls me Damien instead of Damon and, and he knows he’s screwing it up and we call him out and we’re like, Brandon, his name is Damon.

And he goes, I don’t care. It’s

Brandon, Brandon, Brandon. Brandon. Yeah. Yeah. Alright. Okay. So last thing we don’t tell our gas bill, we end with a random question generator. Um, So your question is what is the one thing you would change about your home? What is the one thing I would change about my home? One thing our change about my home is the location.

I would sit right on the ocean where the sun, just in my bedroom. Yeah, I’m right there with you. Figure that out. You’ll let me know. I’m going to make it happen. Yes, Reggie. Very cool. I appreciate your time. Thank you. Thank you, my friend. Thank you.


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Reggie Mckiver joins us to talk about finding your life’s defining moment to embrace and then break free of what’s holding you back. Some great laughs on today’s podcast. Please welcome, Reggie Mckiver.

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