Helps online businesses go through the next level by helping them scale. Influencer, Pro-Athlete, Mentor, and Speaker, Nate Thomas.

00:00:55 Background of Nathan
00:03:33 What Nathan saw and learned from different cultures/traveling
00:05:12 Sam Ovens’
00:05:58 Taking charge of your own life
00:06:58 Damon shares his first job experience
00:09:02 Nathan talks about his early basketball career
00:09:57 What was your biggest achievement so far?
00:11:13 Opportunities to give back
00:12:58 Common traits of successful people
00:14:44 Transition from basketball to entrepreneurship
00:16:30 Advice on taking on big contracts
00:17:28 Education as a gateway to success
00:19:03 Experience vs Degree
00:20:42 What has contributed most to Nathans success
00:21:01 Faith and having to show up
00:23:52 Life outside basketball and work
00:24:29 Closing remarks
00:25:32 Random question generator

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Nathan Thomas: From Professional Basketball to Helping Businesses Scale

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