Today’s guest has over $35 million in sales and is here to teach you the importance of defining your audience. By better understanding who your ideal customer is, you can serve them better. And it all starts with what he calls, “mind mapping.”

And one more thing. Before I share this episode, quick and funny story about recording with this guest.

Half way through our recording, a dog kept barking outside my office. I let it go as long as I could before I hit mute on my mic and yelled “Shut up!” But the guest paused and said “hello?” Why would he pause and say that if I hit mute?

After recording I was sending the files to my editor and listened to a few seconds and noticed my volume was unusually low. And then it clicked. “I think my computer dropped my studio mic.” So I looked up the mic source and, sure enough, it stopped using my professional mic and started using the built in mic. So he heard everything, and is why my sound is lower quality this episode, which I apologize for.

But great episode as usual, and I look forward to you hearing this guest’s great stories.

Please welcome Mitch Russo.





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Mitch Russo: The Profits in Having a Tribe

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