Usually I share an intro about the guest, in my words. Today’s guest, I’ll read his own words as he posted a picture online.

“Almost 6 years ago. Just months after leaving my 6-Figure career and going through a divorce all at the same time. My 401(k) and savings were all but drained and I was super depressed just thinking about how my life had turned out so disappointingly compared to my potential. I altogether stopped taking care of myself physically, spiritually, energetically, emotionally, mentally, financially, and relationally.

Burned. Out.

I was freaking blessed and I couldn’t see it. I didn’t realize that I was being broken of all my ego, pride, and eventually my possessions…

… only to be rebuilt in a much stronger way.

Why waste it on bad food, careers that don’t fulfill us, mindsets that don’t serve us, people who don’t love us, income less than our worth, doing things we hate, or pretending to be someone we’re not?! It’s time to take it all back.”

Please welcome Michael Marcial.

Episode highlights:

  • 1:21 – Michael Goods at and Going to learn from him
  • 5:00 – Branding Expertise
  • 9:42 – Michael Help Josh
  • 21:40 – 3 pages Quote Unquote funnel.
  • 24:52 – New years event

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Michael Marcial thanks for jumping on and learning from others. How you been, dude? I’ve been, I’ve been pretty good. Uh, you know, all things considered. Yeah. Yeah. Now, like right before we hit record, I was telling you and my kids in the other room doing online Crotty and you said you have a Sumo wrestling cat.  

So, I mean, it’s the same thing, the same thing. Uh, my cat is, you know, I don’t want to diagnose, you know, I’m not, I’m not a professional, but he’s got some mental things. Uh, some, some, some challenges that he’s going through, it’s just either he’s asleep. Or he’s busy work and it’s not, there’s no in between, on or off that’s bar for cats. 

Well, if you’re not an expert on cat diagnosis, uh, let’s start with the usual two questions I ask. So question number one. What are you an expert at? What are we gonna learn from you today? Oh, besides cats, uh, which I’m clearly not an expert on. I would consider myself an expert at, um, relating. Who we are as people to business. 

Um, the way that I categorize that as branding, that’s something that most people can understand. Um, uh, but yeah, I’d say that’s, that’s an expertise of mine, branding. Okay. Question number two. What are you not so good at? Not so, you know. Thanks Damon. Okay. Where do we start? Oh, that’s good. That’s good.  

That’s just start with the real stuff. I’m not, I’m not great at delegating. Um, and I’d say deeper than that, I’m not so great at asking for help. Um, you know, business or otherwise. Um, yeah, I’ve got a Superman complex, I think. Yeah. Yeah. That’s interesting. You know, it’s, it’s it’s um, it’s when I started asking guests, like, what do they not good at? 

So some of them are like, yeah. And answers and some of them are direct. And, but out of the direct answers right now, I really suck at this. And if that thing that they suck at is business related. It’s really interesting. Cause it’s like the opposite of what you would think. And more often than not, it’s just, like you said, like delegating or the little things, or like the things that you.  

Other people externally would totally think the opposite. So it’s interesting to hear those replies. Yeah. Yeah, of course. And that’s, that’s all self awareness. I mean, that’s, that’s what I believe about myself, but you know, at the end of the day, maybe I’m actually really phenomenal. Um, but I’m just really harsh when it comes to, you know, I know.  

I just like to, I like doing all the things. Um, yeah. And it’s, you know, it comes down to. Uh, you know, I have to remind myself that I’m not the best at everything and people can really help there’s. I mean, there’s amazing, amazing people out there that are way smarter, way more gifted and talented than I am. 

So well, we’ll talk about, I want to talk about, you know, you not liking delegating and management styles a little bit later. Let’s focus on I’m actually, you know, before we even talk about branding and what you’re good at, let’s talk about where we met. Do you, I remember, I don’t know if you’re, I don’t expect you to remember. 

I do remember. I do actually, um, it may have been, uh, online or digitally before this. Um, but my first recollection was at a networking event. Um, downtown salt Lake. Yeah. This was a while back. I don’t even know when this was maybe five, five years ago, four and a half years ago. I don’t even know somewhere around there though. 

I think, um, it was, I remember the, the entire exchange actually really well. Um, I, I very rarely will forget details. So. It was funny. Cause, um, at the time you were in SEO, which is obviously my area. And, um, so you were with this group and, and there was some guy that was in the network that was just small talking about SEO as well. 

And uh, and then I had my old friend Kyle with me too. And so. This guy was, I don’t know who who’s asking her if he was talking to the group in general, but he’s talking about SEO. And Mike was like, no, no, no, I’m the best like, like just Google this company and like, sure enough, I keep it happened. He was right there and I’m like, alright, you can have this one. 

Like, yeah. You know, I, that’s a part of my personality, man, when, um, I just stick to my guns and I don’t remember who the guy was, but he was like, hell bent on just like. Be in the alpha of, I think, um, this is just something that I think, I think alphas don’t need to be loud, um, out the real, the real alpha, is it just, he just his or she just is, and yeah, it just kinda kept hammering away at whatever it was that you needed to be right about. 

 I was like, well dude, just Google SEO companies in Utah and just see who shows up. I think that would be. The way that you’d want to test this thing out. Yeah, sure enough. Right? Like in the Google groups in the Google, there you go. Alright. So let’s talk about, um, your area of expertise in branding. You know, um, our listeners can’t see, but on camera you got your five figure workweek, which is kind of like your brand, which is a great name.  

I love the name. So let’s start where you got into branding and then how you evolved your expertise in it. Yeah. Um, it really. Honestly, it comes from strategy and it, my current focus was actually born out of a lot of interesting failures, I would say. Um, really, it was just, I wanted to make something of my own. 

I really wanted to start winning on my own two feet. Not. Supporting other companies not consulting other companies, but doing my thing and really quickly, um, I realized that nobody was taking me as seriously as I thought they should. And, um, and I, I, I remember investing my first ever mentor and it was scary, you know, my business at that point, it just started to work.  

I had some cash to invest. He was the guy and our very first session. He’s like, Michael, you freaking kill it with your clients with your own business. But I would never hire you. And wow. That hurts. That hurts. You’re, you know, you just invested a ton with this person that you love and respect. And I took it like a champ and I just said, okay, well tell me like, why, why wouldn’t you?  

And he said, you know what, from the outside, if I don’t know who you are, I don’t know how your business actually works. I don’t know about any of the details. I don’t, I don’t see you as that guy. And that’s when it really hit me that I was. You know, I was the plumber with the leaky faucet, you know, I was doing for everyone else, but I wasn’t really doing that for myself. 

I wasn’t taking my own business, you know, seriously, like I would for a client. Um, and so I took a few months. I redid. I reinvision my entire brand with a process that I’ve been using for years with a lot of my clients that really works, but I never applied it to myself. And so I did that for the first time ever. 

 And dude, I kid you not night and day different. Um, and so now that’s been four and a half ish years ago where I’ve just been tailoring and dialing this thing in. And so that’s really what I think we’re the. The expertise comes from it’s from repetition. It’s just from putting in those reps, making sure that you, that you’re, you’re not just doing the work, but you’re seeing success from it, but that’s really the story, man. 

I had to do it for myself first. Yeah. Yeah. So you’ve gone through it. What, what was, so the guy that kinda like gave you the tough love when he says, I see what you do for others, but I wouldn’t hire you. Like, what was his exposure of you? Like what kind of things did he see you do for other people? Yeah. 

So he’s like, you know, at this point, he’s, uh, I would, I would consider him a friend and an increasingly close friend who saw me as a person, um, saw the effort that I was putting in to not just work with my clients, but also growing my business. I’m also growing my team growing, you know, as a person. Um, in fact, he had hired me a few times to emcee some of the events that he was putting on. 

And so I got to see even more into his world, which is where I was just like, yes, I need, I need that man’s brain. And, um, and so he was seeing results, like, um, like, well, we went out to LA, I spoke at this event in LA, they came out kind of support. Um, and he would see what would happen when nobody was looking.  

He would see after the event when there’s 10, 12 people that want to stay around and talk, ask questions, talk about, Hey, how do we take next steps? He would see us, you know, the event ends at 7:00 PM. He’d see me there until two in the morning, making sure people were taken care of. When, I mean, that’s a lot of time, a lot of people, I think, especially right now, they try to automate the hell out of everything and they forget that they’re automating people. 

They’re still humans and, you know, he would see what we, what we were able to do with those clients. Um, you know, and that’s the stuff that I think is really interesting. And that’s where brand becomes really important, not visual branding. I mean, that’s. That’s that’s relevant. It’s not important. The important part is, is how you’re running your business, how you’re showing up as a human and how that relates.  

You know, we’re all building a business, we’re all growing a thing. And sometimes we feel comfortable. Like, I feel really comfortable hiding behind the five figure, work weekend, the logo. Right. But at the end of the day, it’s me, I validate the brand, the brand validates to me and yeah. And both are integral and, uh, So, yeah, he, he has for, you know, he’s one of the people that have seen a lot of my personal growth of the last few years and professional growth. 

And, um, but yeah, it, it takes it all, man. It really does know maybe what will help our listeners have a more specific examples. We actually had another guest that’s on the show that has worked with you and spoke very highly of you, Josh Carey. And so, yeah, so maybe you can talk about like, What you, what you help Josh with? 

Like, and then not a good tangible example. Yeah. So, um, this is what it typically feels like. Um, our client usually either a wants something done for their business, branding funnels, landing pages, design video. Courses, uh, start a Facebook group. They, they want something done like that. And those are all things that we do, but we don’t offer them. 

What we look at is strategy. So a lot of our clients are like, Oh dude, I want to do another. I want to do a promo video. Like I saw so-and-so’s or yours or whatever. And we always go back to a couple of steps. We talk about strategy. So with Josh he’s like, man podcast is on my list. Um, I want to start doing courses higher level stuff. 

Um, but I don’t, I don’t really have anything like, like nobody’s really coming to me asking about podcasting. I should probably launch a podcast. You know, if I’m going to step into that arena. A hundred percent. Yes. Why, so why did he want, when I get into it, if he didn’t have anything yet, like, what was his inspiration?  

You know, he had, he had the goal, um, you know, of course financial goals, um, that he wanted to, you know, reach for himself, but he also wanted to just get the message out there. He had been through his own personal journey, learned a ton, failed, a ton, started to win, and he wanted to show people what that could really look like podcasting.  

Um, was like something that he was just always in love with that was his marketing medium that he wanted to use. Um, but here’s the question, like why do a podcast, right? Um, is that really the solution? Is that really the strategy that would work for him? And of course, He wanted to help people in the podcasting world, but he wasn’t going to do that until he could do it himself.  

So we had to get over the mindset of like, let’s use a podcast and get sponsors downloads and all the stuff. Cause that’s not really, that’s not really his goal. His goal is to really affect people. And so what we had to do is focus on strategy. So we built his brand from. What real brand looks like, then we did the visual branding, promo videos.  

We shot courses for him. Um, I was luckily lucky. Um, I say lucky cause I love Josh to be his first guest, his 50th guest and his a hundred and 50th guest. Um, on his show and that’s, that’s over an 18 month period where he’s hit over 150, uh, episodes, tons of downloads. And that has led to the success that he was looking for monetarily.  

Yes, but also reaching a ton of people connecting with 147 amazing entrepreneurs, coaches, and leaders that are, you know, that are moving really changing the game in a lot of different ways. So. You know, those are some of the outcomes that we’re seeing just real growth, real strategy longevity. It was interesting when Josh came on because he had, he had, well, I’ll tell you another funny story in a second, but he had mentioned, you know, you’d be in the first 50th and a hundred guests.  

And, um, what’s crazy is like, for any of the listeners that go look them up, you would have no idea that this, that he was new to this thing like that he was new to podcasting. Like he, I mean, he’s gone. I can’t remember the name. It was one event like. Pod pod max or podcast or something like that. Yeah.  

Like he’s, he’s like already like doing these conferences and setting up events and having huge exposure. Every time you post on LinkedIn, it’s about pot, like podcasting is his thing and you would never know any different. So it’s been interesting to see, but, but the funny story is, um, so he, uh, He was on learning from others.  

And then we added each other on Facebook and then just like a week later he made a post like, Hey, I’m going to be in Utah. And I was like, Oh, really? Like, Hey, but hit me up. And so we went and grabbed a coffee. And so I think that’s cool with podcasting that you open up these doors. But what was funny is Josh probably thinks I’m like the nuttiest person ever, because I felt totally obligated.  

To show him and tell him all the dumb facts about salt Lake that I could. So after it, cause he just took like an Uber to the coffee shop. And so after that I’m like, no, I’ll take you back. And so we’re like driving downtown. I’m like, here’s a, here’s a worthless fact about that place. And here’s another worstest fact about that place and he’s just like, all right, he’s got all the facts ever now.  

That’s good. That’s good. Yeah. He’s, he’s been out here a couple of times. Uh, Let’s see once was for a mastermind that we ran out here. And then, uh, the next, I believe he was, we were shooting as content. Um, but yeah, see, like he ran a mastermind out in Las Vegas. I think there was like 30, 40 people there. Um, he’s doing all these things that he actually wanted to do.  

Um, and it doesn’t feel like new to him cause he’s always had, and that in his brain and in his heart to do. Um, and so as soon as it was assumed, and as it was press record, he was on, he’d been there mentally and emotionally for. Gosh. I mean, who knows how long? And, and that’s the fulfilling part of what I get to do is it, it’s not on me.  

It’s not my baby, you know, his businesses, his business. I just get to help him set up the right way strategically so that his brand can actually attract 150 amazing guests. So he can do these big podcasting events. So he can really, you know, move the needle on the goals that he had. And so that’s super important to me.  

It really is I and five figure workweek, right? Like a lot of times people are like, well, Michael, you’re talking about like, You know, we’re, we’re building a brand, but we’re really, you know, building a person and all this like fluffy, emotional stuff. And I’m like, well, yeah, that’s exactly what we’re talking about.  

You want to make more money? Um, it takes a certain human being to be able to do that, especially in today’s landscape. Um, and you know, that’s, that’s, that’s the method that we use as brand and brand revolves around people. We build people and we see the income. Yeah, we’ve talked about, um, you know, I’ve talked with other guests that that’s the key and you know, most people don’t buy from business as they buy it from the people behind them.  

And so they, they may pay the business, but they, they make a decision based on a relationship usually with the person that they identify with the business. So more important than ever. I mean, it’s always been important to, you know, I know you do a lot of social proof. Um, That’s always been important, but now with how the economy is changing, uh, you know, people need that extra comfort and that extra level of trust.  

And you can’t do that unless you show people who you are. No, it’s a million percent, million percent, you know, I love, well, you know, perfect case in point, you might know this guy’s name’s Damon Burton, a nominal guy, phenomenal human being. Um, and this dude has been crushing. In both of those arenas, you know, personal brand and his business.  

And in my opinion, this is just me looking on the outside, but one influences the other, right. So when he talks about SEO, I listen, when he talks about business, I listen. Because why? Because his business is doing the things, it’s, it is the proof that what he’s saying is his actual, because he’s got the results, he’s got the outcomes that show that he’s winning.  

Yeah. And therefore is a pro at what he does. Both of them work. Now, if I needed SEO work, I’d be going to Damon. Um, because I already know, I just, I know better, right? Like he’s shown up in the value and the proof is there. Uh, and that’s what it’s taking right now, um, to win because we just we’re, we’re, we’re a relational, like, we all know a bunch of people.  

If I want to go buy a house, I have 800 personal close friends that are realtors and brokers. And so it’s like, yeah. Okay. All right. So do I just, I just need to throw a dart. Uh, or just wait for one of them to message me, right? Yeah. Emily and I’ll have my realtor or. There’s something that sets that one or that, you know, percentage above the rest where it’s like, okay, it’s a done deal.  

It’s easy. And that’s what it’s, that’s what it’s taking right now. Um, to be able to, when I, I believe I see it every day. Yeah, well, no, I appreciate the kind words. And you know, what’s funny about what I do for social proof is, um, you know, for as fortunate as I’ve been to get success through social approved methods, you know, so my company is 13 years old and I’ve only really embraced doing social proof the last year and a half, two years.  

And so. I kind of went in reverse than a lot of other entrepreneurs do. Like I found success based on driving results. And then that grows your referrals. And then at some point I said, well, why am I not doing this other stuff too? Um, you know, I like the relationships. I like networking. I don’t like cheesy sales pitches.  

Um, I don’t really like paying for ads. And so if I do the social proof, I can help people. I can feel good and then I can attract an audience that way. But what’s funny is I, um, only now. So even now, Having found success in social proof. I still am only barely starting to touch the branding part, which is to support your theory of why social trust works is like, you don’t have to come out of the Gates, like guns ablazing and be the most perfect branded person ever.  

And just like, you know, you reflecting on the stuff that whatever I put out there, like, whatever I put out there is just like, Hey, this is what I do. And this is how it works. And yeah. Start there. Like you don’t have to come out with the perfect logo on the perfect message and the perfect branding, you know, get to that when you can, but you know, work out the kinks first and just do what you can.  

Gosh, I can’t like if we could just stop, like right here, we can just stop this. This is great because every, literally everyone listening. You know, you’re new to your business. You’re a year and a half in your three years in whatever it is. And you’re just looking for more traction or you just love Damon, or you just love this, the show.  

Um, you either, I already know how much truth was just, was just dropped or B. It’s really exciting to you because it’s kind of like the permission slip. To just go and do the thing. Yeah. Bigger, better, stronger. You don’t need a logo. You don’t need a, I mean, this is the truth. You don’t need a website. You don’t need the funnel with the million email sequence to have results in your business.  

And that’s, I mean, yes, we can grow those things. Yes. We can install those things, but to get started or to do it bigger than, than you had before. Uh, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s really simple right now. And when we look at brands and maybe we’ll talk more about this, how we build brands is very organic. Um, you know, we actually just started a, uh, a social media marketing agency.  

We also run ads through that. Um, because we saw a need, but I like to start organically. I like to prove concepts seeing results and then grow. And then, you know, we don’t have to spend money to figure out our audience or spend money to figure out if this offer is going to work or spend money to see. We just know we have infinite tools at our fingertips to be able to do that. 

Why don’t you talk a little bit about, um, Kind of kind of two things, but they’re there, they overlap each other. So a is how you get your clients. And then B just what you touched on, how you don’t necessarily need funnels that, you know, you can add those things later, but funnels are like such a new, shiny thing in the last couple of years, but I remember one time you had made a post.  

Probably like a year, year plus ago. And it was like, Hey, I’ve made this much money and it’s without funnels. It’s just like this one pager. So maybe talk about, you know, revisit that because I think a lot of people, especially newer entrepreneurs that have an inclination to follow some sort of digital path, just click funnels is just, everyone’s like click on this and there’s nothing wrong, like click funnels and they can work in the right environment.  

But. I think it’s also good to talk about the other side of the coin, where like, you don’t need click funnels if you don’t, if it’s not working. Yeah, no, you’re, you’re absolutely right. So, and of course the two go hand in hand. Um, so what you’re referring to is, um, it’s technically three pages. It’s a three page quote unquote funnel.  

Um, the first page is information. The second page is a registration page so that you put in your info to, to buy the thing. And a third page is a thank you page. Typically it’ll give you a button or reroute you to a Facebook group or a digital one digital download or something like that. But it’s a thank you page those three pages.  

Um, and that, that one quote unquote funnel does multiple six figures a year. And people ask all the time, like, let me see your funnel, dude. It’s gotta be sick. I’m like, yeah, it might make you sick. Like it’s not, and there was no email follow up attached to it. I mean, there is a little, but it’s not a sales tool.  

It is a registration tool. And the reason why, you know, if we were to look at closing percentage conversion for this. Funnel it’s through the roof. It’s 80, 90, a hundred percent because everybody that goes to that specific link, that specific funnel we’ve already talked to, we’ve already, they’ve already decided, yes.  

I want to work with you at 2,505 grand, 10 grand, 20 grand, whatever it is, monthly something. And they’re going to that page to, to purchase. That’s what they’re doing. And if we take it a step back, if we’re just reverse engineering, this thing, where did those conversations even come from? That’s the real question for us.  

It really heavily revolves around social media. Yeah. Facebook specifically, and we use links and Instagram is just social proof. Cause we have a ton of followers on those two platforms. So when people are, you know, people, yes, they can see that. Okay. Maybe other people like this guy too. Um, you know, my personal profile is literal gold and my Facebook group, uh, is filled with diamonds.  

And when we’re putting out enough value, uh, value kind of along the lines of what you do, Damon is, is showing what really works. Hey, this is a result and this is why it happened. This is how it works. That’s real value, right? Not just. Yeah, inspirational stuff. Okay. I get it. Motivational things. Okay. Got it.  

But real value is like, Hey, this is what didn’t work today. And here’s exactly why avoid, avoid, right. That’s super valuable. Um, but that’s how we’ve, we’ve, that’s how I’ve always done it for the last. I don’t know, since whenever YouTube and Facebook first existed, those were my two first platforms. And, um, and it’s always been about just giving value, showing real value, and then, yeah, maybe having an offer or something that we’re sharing, um, you know, an opportunity for people to jump into our mentorship or take one of our courses or, you know, one of our offers and, and it always works that way. 

At least for us, I don’t do ads, um, much for sales. We do ads for. Uh, uh, really just for, for marketing, really just putting things in to our current audiences face so that when we talk about it directly, they already have the information. They already know what we’re going to talk about, and they’ve already made a decision more or less before you can jump on a phone call.  

So just super organic. And that’s, that’s really how, how it’s been approached for as long as I can remember. Yeah. How did your new year’s thing go? You had an event you were putting on. Oh, you know, this is okay. You, anybody that doesn’t know me, uh, you have to know, I do have a little bit of an ego, but it’s a good, healthy ego.  

It’s good and healthy. It’s not narcissism. It’s healthy. A doctor has not told me that, but, uh, I think it’s healthy. I think that’s what an egotist would say. But, um, regardless, so we did this event. New year’s Eve and new year’s day to day. My first time running my own event, right? This is after speaking at literally 200 days on stage at other events.  

And so I was like, okay, I think I’ve got it. I think I could do this thing. And we put it up just to the Facebook group. We had 95 ish people register for remember all day new year’s Eve and new year’s day. Yes. You know, you’ve gotta be committed, um, or crazy. What was the name of it? Cause the name was perfect for like doing that.  

Yeah. The, the name of the event was unlikely to sub the, the tagline. The event of the years, plural. Um, you know, because literally we’re, we’re spanning today two years and two decades. Um, it, you know, at the turn of the decade here and, uh, and it was cool. It was clever enough it, but here’s brand right brand.  

This is what people see as branding. They saw the name, they saw the colors, the look, the speakers. Uh, my story, the content that’s branding and the way they saw it. Uh, but behind that, I wanted to tell, talk to a specific person and this, I guess, maybe ties everything together. I wanted to talk to a very specific person that knows that they’ve been through some stuff maybe personally and or professionally, but they’re still here. 

And how unlikely is it that they are seeing. The success is that they are, they’ve been through, who knows what, right? They’ve, they’ve have their own story and it’s not in spite of it, of those things. It’s because of those things and they are winning. And so that was the kind of bye bye. I wanted to bring more of the emotional kind of side to my business. 

Cause five figure work week sometimes can feel very clinical because it’s a lot of how tos and courses and information mentorship implementation on, on strategies. Um, and so I like, I’m a full being, I have emotions too, and I wanted to kind of bring that half of the, the equation as well. But yeah, we had 95 people register, 84 people showed up, um, all of them with the exception of two that got stuck in some snow came back for the second day, which was super, super cool.  

Um, and, and Damon, you know, this too from like, I’m doing air quotes here for you, can’t see listeners for you taught events. Uh, and I’m just going to say it events in general. I just need to say it. I want it to come out, swinging on this one. I want people to walk in and say, Oh, this isn’t just, and no, I’m not knocking anybody. 

Okay. If you do this, I’m not knocking you out. Um, Oh, it’s not just a conference room at a hotel with a bottle of water and sparse decoration and information. Yeah. That’s setting me up to be sold something. Yeah. I set this up as a non sales event. Some of the best speakers I’ve ever seen in my life, not an understatement come and share for two days.  

Um, no sales. Um, I made sure I had the best AAV team in arguably the country, but definitely in Utah, a phenomenal location, um, made sure that the lunch that we provided and the dinners that we provided were something that you would absolutely would love to take your friends or family or loved one to on, you know.  

Yeah, exactly. That’s good. No, we, we smokescreen. It was a real thing and people loved. Uh, I mean the feedback, this is where I’m saying it’s not ego that I’m telling you all this. It’s like just straight feedback from people like, uh, like Lee Collins, for example, Lee and Natalie they’re married. They came to the event.  

Um, Lee’s like digital marketing guy. He’s been around for a long time, 20 years plus speaks to a lot of events, blah, blah, blah. And he’s like, he comes up afterwards and he’s like, Michael, like I have to tell you. I’ve been to a lot of vets spoken at a lot of events, attended a lot events. This was by far my favorite event. 

That means something that means that we actually cracked something on the, um, and that’s what I mean by brand. Like we had to go so deep into what we really wanted to create here that people couldn’t deny people like the right people couldn’t deny that this they needed to be there. Um, and yes, financially made a lot of sense to do. 

We kind of. I spent more than our ticket sales covered. I’m sorry. As, you know, quote unquote, behind the eight ball going into the event. But, you know, we had 10, 10 amazing people, uh, come onto our yearlong mastermind that we launched at the event. And it wasn’t a small, you know, investment. Um, So, I mean, and by all accounts, it was a phenomenal, phenomenal. 

What do you think the wild card are? Like? You know, some people say the X factor was that made Lee come to you and say, this was, there was something special about this. Gosh, such a good question. I mean, I have to, I can only answer that cause I didn’t ask him like, dude, what prompted that? Um, I just, I was just feeling good. 

Right. But I have to put my own self, I guess, in that situation, like what would prompt me to do that? And it would have to be true for me. It would have to be a, you know, above and beyond. Um, like I had to be compelled to let that individual, because it’s not like he stood up and said this in front of people. 

Um, I would have to be compelled and connected to that person enough to know that he or she would take it seriously if I said that. Um, and so, I mean, that’s, I think we’re really where the feedback kept coming from, but it wasn’t just Lee. It was a lot of people. Um, so it was cool. It was just really cool. 

So what’s next for you, you know, you talk about, um, uh, you know, not asking for help and not delegating. So are you going to kind of keep it, your operations, the size that they are, or are you going to make any bold moves and start passing on some stuff to people? Yeah. Bold moves. That’s that’s really what it is.  

Um, You know, the word growth has been a word of mine for a while. And, uh, I believe one is that you’re internally just with my team. I have a small team. I love it. It’s really great. But you know, when we’re thinking about our business, as bigger than just money, if we think about whatever purpose is behind that thing, we already know we can’t do it on our own.  

Um, I know that at least. And so now it’s time to. Practice what I preach. Um, you know, I do a good job of preaching what a practice, but now it’s time to go internal a little bit, um, and just look at it for what it is, you know, what, what is that next step? Um, and for me, it’s system systematizing, what I’m doing now.  

Um, so that I can actually, and this is just real, like, I wish I could say everything’s in a, in a training manual somewhere, but it’s not. And so that is the next step so that I can effectively bring people in and. You know, replace what I do in the business. Yeah. Well, cool. That’s exciting. I’m glad things are growing for you.  

Um, you know, Michael, I appreciate jumping on your time, jumping on your time, jumping on and sharing your time and giving us some of those vulnerable stories. If anybody wants to hit you up or work with you or follow you, where do they go? Yeah. You know what the best is Facebook or Instagram or LinkedIn, like wherever you guys play, I’m a social being, you know, I would love to send you to some website or.  

Uh, some meaningless piece of content that you like, maybe you like it, maybe you don’t. Um, if you liked what you heard, let’s connect for real. Send me a message or a DM inbox, whatever. Um, and just let me know, you heard me on Daymond show here. Um, but I’d love to connect with you guys for real. I appreciate it.  

Michael Marcial, everybody. Thanks so much. 

What did you think of this podcast?

Usually I share an intro about the guest, in my words. Today’s guest, I’ll read his own words as he posted a picture online.

“Almost 6 years ago. Just months after leaving my 6-Figure career and going through a divorce all at the same time. My 401(k) and savings were all but drained and I was super depressed just thinking about how my life had turned out so disappointingly compared to my potential. I altogether stopped taking care of myself physically, spiritually, energetically, emotionally, mentally, financially, and relationally.

Burned. Out.

I was freaking blessed and I couldn’t see it. I didn’t realize that I was being broken of all my ego, pride, and eventually my possessions…

… only to be rebuilt in a much stronger way.

Why waste it on bad food, careers that don’t fulfill us, mindsets that don’t serve us, people who don’t love us, income less than our worth, doing things we hate, or pretending to be someone we’re not?! It’s time to take it all back.”

Please welcome Michael Marcial.

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