Usually I share an intro about the guest, in my words. Today’s guest, I’ll read his own words as he posted a picture online.

“Almost 6 years ago. Just months after leaving my 6-Figure career and going through a divorce all at the same time. My 401(k) and savings were all but drained and I was super depressed just thinking about how my life had turned out so disappointingly compared to my potential. I altogether stopped taking care of myself physically, spiritually, energetically, emotionally, mentally, financially, and relationally.

Burned. Out.

I was freaking blessed and I couldn’t see it. I didn’t realize that I was being broken of all my ego, pride, and eventually my possessions…

… only to be rebuilt in a much stronger way.

Why waste it on bad food, careers that don’t fulfill us, mindsets that don’t serve us, people who don’t love us, income less than our worth, doing things we hate, or pretending to be someone we’re not?! It’s time to take it all back.”

Please welcome Michael Marcial.

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Michael Marcial: From Failure to 5-Figure Workweeks

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