Karen Otis joins us today from Otis Architecture. Having been in architecture, she talks surviving two recessions, one of which, put an estimated 50% of architects out of business and she talks about how to master the art of business and inspired life in her book, Architect Your Epic Life. We talked Frank Lloyd Wright and bad George Costanza jokes. Please welcome, Karen Otis.


00:00:44 – Background and Otis Architecture
00:03:17 – She talks about her projects and other company
00:10:23 – Balancing both companies
00:16:05 – Traveling
00:20:25 – Dealing with stereotypes and having confidence
00:23:20 – Her podcast experience
00:26:13 – Tells about her education
00:29:20 – Architertural responsibilities and lawsuits
00:36:06 – Passion and success
00:42:18 – Favorite architects
00:44:27 – Making a difference
00:46:25 – Random Question Generator

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Karen Otis: Architect Your Dream Into Success

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