Today’s guest is a super-connector. What’s that mean? He, self-admittedly, sucks at nearly everything… except remembering others’ talents and connecting them with those that needed those skills.

Having been new to entrepreneurism just 3.5 years ago, he now runs a successful global PR company. Listen to find out how he did it.

Please welcome Justin Breen.

Episode highlights:

  • 0:40 – Justin Breen’s Background
  • 2:16 – Connecting on a Global Level
  • 10:06 – Secrets of Success
  • 13:22 – Me and my wife
  • 16:05 – Scaling with other People

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Justin Breen, welcome to learning from others. How are you, sir? Dude, you’re the man I’m pumped for this man. Big time. And funny, we’ve been on a world. We’ve been on a whirlwind romance. Justin, we’ve only known each other for a couple of back and forth. So it’s been fun. I mean, it’s a high-level bromance, highest level, 30 minutes you can imagine. And it’s just going to continue to bromance. It’s the bromance will exponentially Broman. Well, you, and I know why we love each other, but why do the listeners love you? What is your background?  

What are we gonna learn from you today? Sure. Um, so in terms of, uh, connecting people on a global level and getting people in mainstream media and on podcasts at the highest level, there are very few people in the world that are better at it than I am. And I just stay in my zone of genius. And, uh, I’ll tell you what, I’m not good at later, but I just, a hundred percent of my day is in my zone of genius.  

None of this has worked for me at all. A lot of fun. Yeah, I want to ask you about that, but you, you already touched on what was coming. Next is question number two is what are you not so good at? So one of the best people in the world that connected people on a global level and getting people in news at the highest level, really, really good dad, average above average husband, useless to society, besides that things that a child could do, like make a puzzle or, you know, build something very easily.  

Can’t do it. Can’t do it. Well, you being a good dad. I wouldn’t say you’re worthless to society because I’m sure that’s a trickle down effect in some capacity. Yeah. So as long as my kids don’t ask me to like, do a puzzle with them or, Hey, can you build this? Would they knew. I asked mommy, what was your kids?  

What would your kids say dad does? Yeah, so, um, my eight year old’s already started his first business and my six year old wants to be a Navy seal. So this isn’t like typical family. Um, they would say that, uh, their dad, uh, Works with some of the most brilliant people on the planet. Well, let’s dig into dig in deeper to that because people that aren’t familiar with you, that’s going to be a pretty broad statement.  

So can you say more on what you mean connecting on a global level? Yeah. Yeah. So, um, so I’m flying the plane. Uh, most people are landing the plane, I’m flying the plane. Um, but, uh, No, I’m in three of the top entrepreneurial groups in the world. One is strategic coach, the others entrepreneurs organization.  

Then just trying to abundance three 60 with, uh, you know, Dr. Peter Diamandis started that, uh, you know, people like Elon Musk are in it. And so it’s the most brilliant people on the planet. And so, yeah. I have access to the top minds access to the most innovative technology access. So the top networks in the world.  

And so I just hang out with people like that all the time. And then when you do that, you just become, you just become one of those people, you rise with the tide. And so I can talk to someone in Australia, someone in Melbourne or Sydney, or. Adelaide or whatever, whatever. And then they’ll say something random and I’ll be like, Oh, I know someone in Utah that thinks like that.  

And then I’ll just connect them. We closed it. It’d be like, how’d, you know how to do that? We’re doing business together. We’re best friends or we’re partners or referral buddies, whatever. And they’re like, how do you know how to do that? Yeah. I don’t know snide to do it. So it’s just what I know how to do.  

And so a by-product of that. By-product is constantly getting intros to companies around the world that want to hire my firm. No sales, no, no funnels, no, no, no scrape value for people they create value for you, create value, create value. Well, how does that translate to Justin paying his bills? Yeah. So thank you.  

They, uh, you know, companies invest in my company to, um, get a news at the highest level. So they pay, they invest in, uh, my company’s ability to. Tell very high level newsworthy stories and then get connected to the right mainstream media or podcast host. So you’re like a mega Rolodex. Yeah. That’s one of the best questions anyone asked me ever has ever asked me because my brain is essentially a supercomputer of geniuses.  

So I have a PR firm, but, um, what, well, my company really is, it’s just this giant incubator geniuses around the world and we’re constantly introducing each other. So my 10 X thing in life. One, what I’ve learned is my brain has endless capacity to store that type of knowledge. I don’t know how I don’t question it.  

I know just don’t question. It just don’t ask me to build anything, but, uh, I, it’s just an endless, endless, endless CRS. I’m like, I don’t have a CRM. I don’t write anything down. It’s just my brain’s a CRM of geniuses and it just keeps growing every single day. All right, Justin, I’m the random listener that isn’t Damon and doesn’t know you.  

You’re arrogant. Justin, what do you say to that? Yep. Yep. So people with the wrong mindset, that’s what they say. People with the right mindset, understand that that’s not arrogance at all. It’s actually extreme confidence. So arrogant people think they’re great at everything. I’m actually terrible at almost everything terrible at almost everything.  

What’s one thing that you’re terrible at that you enjoy and wish you weren’t so terrible at  

usually I’m not stumped, but I don’t have to think of it now. I don’t do anything that I’m terrible at. I don’t do anything that I’m not good at it. And I don’t like to do, um, I used to be a much faster runner. I still run six days a week outside, no matter the weather conditions. So it gets to be negative 20 years sometimes.  

And blizzards, I guess I’m pretty terrible runner now, but I still like doing it. Um, why do you like running? Yeah, so I run a, I’ve been running six days a week. No matter the weather conditions outside for 15 years, at least. So. Usually before the sun comes up. So that can be pretty dangerous here, black ice or skunks or whatever.  

Um, you know, both, both, they’re both dangerous, but, um, is it her physical benefit or do you do it for like mental clarity? Um, most of the really good ideas I’ve had with my company since I started in the last three and a half years has been during those runs are solidifying things. And then, uh, I listened to ‘em 

He used to listen to a lot of music, concerts and stuff, um, live concerts. And then I, now I listened to a lot of, uh, like podcasts like this, or, um, things in strategic coach, one of the entrepreneurial groups I’m in Dan, Sullivan’s the co-founder, he’s my hero. And, uh, so I listened to a lot of his podcast and it’s a great way to great way to start the day, get motivated in the right way.  

And then, and then just breathe. You remind me of, uh, uh, your own version of a savant. Are you a savant, Justin? Yeah. Some people think I’m an idiot savant. Um, but, uh, I’m a, I’m a polymath that’s on my, uh, LinkedIn and Facebook and, uh, so I’m just kind of know. Things about things, but explain, define that. What is that?  

It’s just like someone who’s wise in a lot of different things. Um, and I guess, you know, the thing that I, again, I, I don’t, I stopped questioning my brain, uh, in terms of how it works. I just focused on what works and what I like to do. And then I just keep doubling down on that and those things. And again, I worked zero hours every week.  

None of this has worked for me at all. It’s just a lot of fun. Um, byproduct is companies insanely profitable and will continue to be that way because you know what I’ve learned three and a half years is you plant seeds was these types of people. These things happen. Talk to these type of people. These things happen partner with these types of people.  

This is the result. And so the seeds that have been planted in 2020, and even since COVID, it’ll be amazing, but fruit is what bear fruit bears from that because, uh, you know, the seeds I planted. Three years ago, those are starting to bear fruit now. And the people three years ago, it was just a different, different type of person than it is now, just because a lot of the groups I’m in.  

So those seeds planted will lead to what’s 2020 been like for you. Cause, uh, understandably, a lot of listeners they’ve had downsides, um, you know, you and I have chatted. Uh, I’m one of the fortunate ones that have been on the upside, but what about you? Yeah. Thank you for asking that. So, um, When COVID started, I’m like, Oh, maybe this will destroy my company, entrepreneur life, whatever you can handle.  

Bankruptcy, depression, anxiety, dice level, or traumatic experiences as a child or younger. You’re an adult. Don’t become an entrepreneur because I have not met one. I haven’t met one yet. Who hasn’t overcome at least one of those four things most are well over one, but at least one. So on. When, uh, COVID started, I’m like, Oh, maybe it’ll destroy my business.  

And, uh, his background, my wife’s a pediatrician. I have a lot of clients in healthcare. I’ve had a client that almost died from COVID. So I’m very empathetic, very empathetic. My wife’s in there front lines. Um, so because I only partnered with visionary investment, abundance mindset, people, again, visionary, abundance, investment mindset. 

 People it’s been the opposite of destroying my company since COVID, it’s actually exploded since then, because those people. There’s no cost scarcity. There’s no panic. They’re just figuring it out. Invest pivot and invest, pivot and invest. So are you talking about how you don’t question your brain and it just works the way it does.  

So is it awkward at when somebody comes to you and says, Hey, guess when you’ve had success? What’s the secret is the answer basically. I dunno, a kid. No. So it’s the opposite answer to that. So here’s the, here’s the, that’s a really good question because the question I get is, are like, so. So, how did you do this?  

How did, uh, like, so I started my business three and a half years ago. Didn’t know what an entrepreneur was. Didn’t know, an LLC was didn’t know you had to pay taxes four times a year. Didn’t know what a w nine was. I still don’t know what S-corp stands for. All that stuff. Just landing the plane garbage.  

Who cares mean that’s just meaningless. It’s just flight. That’s landing the plane. So, so people like, how did you, that’s what I wrote my book about. It’s like, how did I do this? So, but, so it’s mindset, one mindset, one network, one a. And then everything else is a byproduct of that. So mindset one. That’s why I’m so intentional with how I talk, because it’s a magnet for attracting people with visionary, abundance, investment mindsets, and those people are either running high six figure to 10 figure businesses, see their families whenever they want to and do what they like to do and what they’re good at, or they will be one of those people they’re not there yet, but they will because they have that mindset.  

So it eliminates all the noise and nonsense and just, it just eliminates that. And then those people, because they have that mindset, they’re attracted to other people with that mindset. And then they just introduced me to more people like that. So there’s no sales or fun. None of that. There’s no funnel.  

It’s just tray value people with the right people. And then they create value for me. It’s very simple. I the story I’m about to tell, I, I told when you and I met with Steven and I’ll probably tell every audience that you and I are on together as it’s funny. So when Justin and I first met, he says, um, kind of like what you touched on entrepreneurs.  

Perform highly have this characteristic and this characteristic and this characteristic. And then, and then one of the other things that he said was, and interestingly enough, most of their, their spouses, if it’s a male entrepreneur, their wife is, did you say teacher and nurse teacher, nurse pediatrician, social worker, something normal kind of rules, order meetings.  

All of that. So he goes still, he goes, what about your wife, Damon? And I said, ah, you know, she stays home and he sits there for a second. And then he goes, what would she do? I’m like, damn it. A nurse. So there’s two again, because, so my brain is a pattern of simplify a brain. So you talk to these number of people, you see what, you just see what the patterns are, and I can just.  

I can just squirrel it away. So there’s two patterns in that regard. Most of the time, visionary, wackadoos like us, they marry someone who’s a nurse or a social worker, someone who’s a human someone. Who’s like a very sound very sound fundamentally. Um, my wife is literally the exact opposite personality as me.  

Thank God. So that’s most of the people, I guess, married people like that. Good balance. Some of the people like us marry other people like us and they become business partners and that does work. That’s great. Sometimes it doesn’t work sometimes it does. Um, but again, if I had someone like me, I can’t even imagine it would just be, it would be terrible.  

What, what, so your wife’s the opposite of you? Does, what does she think of your brain? Does she not question it or does she, is she just like, whatever boy, that’s a really good question. So at first she’d never understood. She didn’t understand, uh, now here’s what happened. So my wife, here’s how I answered that my wife has made me somewhat of a human somewhat, and then I have made her more adventurous, more risk taker.  

Now I’m like, Oh, do you think I should invest 15 K in this thing? She’s like, yeah, do it. She would have never said that three years ago. No, no, no, no, no. That would have been, that would have been like an alien landing on the planet if I had said that, but now she’s like, no, no, no, you just do it. Just do it.  

It is the scope of, of the increase in being a risk taker within the business world. Or you can jump out of an airplane for me, both my wife would never jump out of an airplane. Um, but the reason why I jumped out of an airplane last year to 2019 is that, uh, time and time again, people had told me.  

Starting a business from nothing which I did with zero clients. Zero revenue is the same as jumping out of an airplane, seeing if the parachute will open. So my business, the parachute open parachute open. And when I jumped out of a plane with an instructor, I certainly didn’t do that by myself, but with an instructor of the parachute open.  

Very similar feeling of what were you doing before three and a half years ago? Yeah, so I was a journalist for 20 years, created my entire business model based on how PR firms annoyed me for 20 years. So when people laugh at that, but it’s, so here’s the, again, you see the pattern simplifier. So it’s a very simple formula to creating a successful global company.  

So here it is, this is it. You see a problem. You create solution to problem, problem solved, successful global company. See a problem creates solution to problem, problem solved successful global company. So that’s all I did in PR. So I problem created solution problem solved, successful global company. Well, what are some examples of what were annoying and the traditional PR world?  

Yep. Yep. Sure. So the problem is, again, I’m a simplifier. So the problem is hundreds of times a day, you receive useless press releases from people you don’t know as a journalist see hundreds of times of the day being annoyed. I don’t like to be annoyed. So badging being annoyed, hundreds of times a day for your professional career, by people you don’t know.  

So that’s annoying. That’s a problem. So my firm, this is all my firm’s website. No hidden tricks. No, no, just here’s what my firm does. No hidden trips. So it’s go ahead. What’s the w how do you approach these? So how do you scale, you’re obviously very personal and intentional with your relationships. How do you do that at scale with other people?  

Or is it, is it really you behind the scenes? Yeah, so I’ve, I have, um, some freelance writers that do some of the stories, how this will scale is, uh, I’m on a mission to find my Babs. So 99.9% of people have no idea what I’m, what I’m talking about, but I will, I will land the plane with that. So Dan Sullivan is my hero.  

He’s the co-founder of strategic coach. He just, he just does his damn thing. He does his podcast. He does his speeches. He does his workshops, his co-founder partner. Her name is Babs. Babs does all the logistical behind the scene. Things. Yeah, it’s the, the, the employees. So when I find my Babs, that person can do all that stuff.  

Um, I’m just flying the plane. I’ll I would never be able to hire a bunch of people. That’d be a terrible thing for me to, so I just hired the one person. Then that person does everything from there. That’s how it’s scaled. Tell me about writing. About how many books have you written. So I’ve written one book officially.  

I’ve. I don’t have the exact number, but since I’ve been a journalist over 10,000 stories, so yeah. What, uh, what format were the stories that you mostly wrote was just like newspaper or magazine? What was this? Every thing you could imagine? Uh, I’ve been in every basically, so when I was a journalist, they didn’t know what to do with me, cause I was never really meant to be.  

An employee. Um, so they’d give me these weird jobs. So it’d be like assistant managing editor for content or some BS like that, or photo editor slash sports editor or pages designer slash sports reporter. Like it’s just not, how did you get work in there then if you weren’t meant to be there to begin with?  

That’s a good question. So I’ve always wanted to be a journalist, but what I’ve learned is I’m an entrepreneur who happens to be a journalist. Big difference between an entrepreneur who happens to be a journalist, as opposed to a journalist who happens to be a journalist big it’s like a lawyer, who’s a lawyer, as opposed to an entrepreneur who happens to be a lawyer.  

Very big difference. So it was good that I did that for my whole career. Cause it, cause I liked him. I liked to be here journalist. I’m just an entrepreneur that happens to be a journalist. So I learned that since starting my company. Did your kids, you talked about what they’re aspiring to be. So is that because of, did they inherit your Savantas or are you guiding them above?  


So that kids can do whatever they want. What I will say as my eye now he’s eight. He started his first business when he was seven. He’s a mini version of me, tremendous pain in the ass. But he has just enough of my wife’s just enough of my wife’s genetics to, um, you know, normalize him. And, um, so, and then the six year old wants to be a Navy seal, but, um, he’s, he’s nothing like me other than his temper and he eats a lot.  

Um, but he’s, he’s like, uh, he’s like the snugly sweetest. He’s just like my wife. Well, it will probably be a PDF and he has, they both have photographic memories like my wife does. So they’ll the six year old, probably be a doctor. Like my wife is seven or he’s eight now the eight year old, whatever. I don’t even care if they go to college, that’s English to me.  

It’s half my clients can barely read, but if they do go to college, which I’m sure they will, because my wife is different than me in that regard. But yeah, if they do go, my only deal breakers, they have to must. Must take entrepreneurial and business classes led by people that are not yeah, they actually know what the hell they’re doing.  

That’s my only that’s it. I don’t care what else they do, but that’s the only deal breaker. How long ago did you realize that Justin is different? Yup. Boy, that’s a good question. So again, seeing patterns. So I have found that people like me were floating around up here. They are aliens within their own families.  

They’re aliens within their own communities. They’re aliens with their own verticals. And so that’s why I’m constantly on a quest to find people like me on a global level, because I need to find people that I know. I understand that they understand that you understand me. And so entrepreneurs at the highest level in terms of mindset and network, which I definitely am.  

Um, they did their families, usually not always, but usually their families don’t understand them. Their community does not understand them. So that’s check one, check two, and then usually the vertical journalism, whatever it is. And they have no idea what I was doing. No idea, but I was doing or what I was.  

Okay. So, so I’ve known that I was different basically my whole life. Now I just submitted, did that by understanding that people like made their that’s, how they are aliens. So I’ll, I’ll ask him the same question, but then with, on the last note you said, so you may have always recognized it, but at what point did you accept it and realize the value in owning that? 

Probably when I joined strategic coach, which has been about two years, Because that’s changed my life. And people say life-changing flippantly being in that program has changed my life in every, every possible way. 90% of the way I communicate live my life from my businesses, what I’ve learned in that program in the last two years.  


let me answer it like this. So most people are miserable in their lives for two reasons. One, they never. Find out what they’re good at and what they like to do. So they’re doing something eight to 10 hours a day that they don’t like to do, or they’re not good at it, or both. You would be miserable too. If you were doing that too, too, they do find out what they’re good at and what they like to do, but they don’t do anything about it.  

So strategic coach has taught me a million things, but the main thing is just focusing on what I’m good at and what I like to do. So whether that means I’m an alien or different or whatever, which I know I am. But I just focus on it’s. Okay. Then I’m different. It’s in fact, it’s awesome. People don’t want normal.  

They want weird, they want different normal two-ish years ago when you kind of grew from what you’re learning is strategic coast coach, uh, was being different uncomfortable before that. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Yeah, because, uh, so I’d go to these lower level networking things. And I’m like, what the hell is wrong with me?  

I don’t, I, I don’t need a painter. I like trying to run a global company here. I don’t understand why don’t these people think like me. So I’m like, is there something wrong with me? And when I found out, no, there’s nothing wrong with me. It’s just, I, I don’t think like 99% of people, or even 95% of entrepreneurs, I just don’t think like that  

But what I did find is once you find people that you do think like, then. No people like you at a high level, then it becomes infinite. Then the possibilities. It’s interesting. A lot of things that you say because, um, you know, it bothered my head over here. You know, I went to a lot of, like, I could just never do the BNIs and things like that.  

Like I get why they’re beneficial for some people, but great. That’s your tribe. If that’s your tribe, then fine. Be happy in your tribe. That is not my tribe. God. Yeah. So , I’m always, it’s comforting to hear and I’m sure for some listeners too, when, you know, I’ve I recognize the things that make me happy in my alienness, but you’re like a step ahead of me in, you know, recognizing the patterns and things like that.  

So it’s probably comforting for a lot of listeners to go. Okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know, I just haven’t found my tribe yet, or I need to be open to accepting my differences. I think a lot of people it’ll it’ll click for them. So the dings that just went off in my head, the, the non audible things is that you just summed up exactly why my company is a successful global business.  

So what happens if I do, I do interviews like this or whatever 90. It, depending on the audience, but most little, just say most of the audience will be like, what the hell is going on here? This guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He’s arrogant, whatever, all day, whatever. But the people who get it, they will reach out.  

And the people who get it again are either running high six figure to 10 figure businesses. Either families, whenever they want to doing what they’re like to do, or they will be those people because they have those attributes. That’s why I’m so intentional. All right. So let me, let me plan out a timeline here.  

So prior to three and a half, there’s Justin prior to three and half years ago, there’s Justin now who are, seem like significantly different people, but what about the beginning of big Justin? What about the beginning of the new Justin? Maybe the two and a half, three year Mark would. So you’ve accepted your alienness, you’re starting to find your superpowers already done that.  

Yeah. Did, did you accept where you offended when you would get the arrogant statements at that point in your life? Because right now it’s clear that like you get the, it’s just a difference and understanding, but what about three years ago? No, that never offended me ever. Um, that’s so interesting that that was your question because that, um, never offended me because I’ve always known, I’ve always known that there’s just.  

I’m just not like most, I’m just not, I’m just not like most people, um, uh, you know, like if you get me at a normal party talking about normal things, I’ll sit in the corner and not say anything. So people like me were like ambiverts so you get me talking on a format like this I’m the biggest extrovert, because I’m so passionate about this.  

I care so much. That like, Oh, this is the way people can live their lives, make as much money as they want to and see their families whenever they want to and work with only the people that will like, why wouldn’t I be passionate about that? You asked me about the, you know, white socks or what’s going on in the local diner.  

I don’t know, carrot, like that’s meaningless to me. I don’t just don’t care. Um, but what’s interesting about you is your Colby’s nine five three two. So, and as the fact-finder side, I just, I think that’s, what’s amazing because, uh, I’m an aid fact finder and I’m so endlessly curious. It’s unbelievable. And then you’re even a step above that.  

So that’s what really. A lot of things. Interesting. Interesting me about you, but that’s that’s number one, because you’re just on a constant quest to find information. I think that’s the neatest they needed and I’ve never met a 10 fact finder. Never. I don’t even know if, I mean, I guess it exists, but I’ve never met one.  

So you’re the highest I’ve met. Explain to the listeners what scoring metric you’re referring to. Okay. Sorry. Ellen. Okay. So I’ve taken a lot of entrepreneurial tests or personality tests, whatever. So coldy K O L B E the a index test. It’s by far based on my experience, the top entrepreneurial test in the world, it’s the Bible of strategic coach.  

Anyone who’s, anyone has taken that test or knows what that is. So when you know, someone’s Colby test or they’ve taken it, it’s a higher level of conversation. Okay. So that’s the background. Any top entrepreneur in the world knows what this test is or has taken it. So there you go with that. I can’t recommend it enough.  

It’s $55, you know, 20 minutes, 30 minutes. It’s B. So it’s not a personality test. It’s your brain strengths. And so, so you are a nine five, three, two. So I’ll translate that for audience. So it’s one to 10 that there are no bad scores, no bad scores. So nine fact finder that’s really high. Really really most entrepreneurs are like a five or six.  

It’s still pretty high, but not a nine. I’m an eight. You’re a five follow-through which for an entrepreneur that’s really high. Most entrepre nurses have little to no follow through. They’re all over the place. Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. And they have no follow-through, that’s why they hire a million people you don’t follow through is higher than most.  

Entrepreneurs is a five. Mine’s a six. So it’s even higher than that. Your quick start is really low for an entrepreneur. You’re a three. Most entrepreneurs are eight, nine, even 10, and Sullivan’s at 10. So they’re like, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. And then they have no follow-ups there.  

They hire a bunch of people. So I’m a seven quick start, six follow through. So I have high quick start. Boom, boom, boom, and high follow-through. So I just say it, do it, say it, do it, hit the gas, pump the brakes. Do what I say. That’s very rare by the way, for people in general and for entrepreneurs, but. And then you’re a two implementer, meaning like working with your hands and things like that.  

You’re up futurist see things in the future. So I’m a one implementer I’m a million times worse at implementing things than you are the difference. The woman, the two, my wife’s a two implementer. If we have to build anything, she won’t like doing it, but she’ll do it. I will run across in traffic as opposed to trying to build something.  

Um, So that’s what, that’s what it is. And so when you’re hiring some, if you’re hiring someone or you just want to know how people’s brains, it means work, the Colby test is the ultimate. It’s the ultimate guide for that ultimate. Well, I was having a discussion with my wife yesterday, about something he touched on about, you know, small talk and same thing for me.  

Like, it’s just not my thing. And, but, but I am sympathetic to it being other people’s things. So I’ll listen, I don’t say that I care. Oh yeah. Humanize it. You’ll humanize it. Yeah, it is. Can you do that or you can’t even do that. I can do it. And, um, It’s not easy for me, but what, what I here’s, here’s the interesting thing of what you just asked is that sometimes I actually crave it because when you’re up here flying the plane with these tens of thousands of these people, and I have, we’ll just call this a meeting I have between five and 10 of these types of meetings every single day with people at your level.  

So when you’re up here all the time, I mean, all the time. Um, it’s it actually is it’s. Yeah. So I was talking to one of my fraternity brothers is by the way, also a very high level entrepreneur. And I was just talking about fantasy football, which I’m like, Oh man, can we just not talk about like scaling our businesses or like, you know, working on this six figure project.  

And like, it would just. Like talk about Antonio Brown if he’s gonna play. And so that, but just every now and then I liked those conversations most of the time. No, do not get me involved with that. Cause I will be very bored very quickly. All right. Well, let’s uh, as we wrap up, I want to ask you what’s next what’s what’s the big game plan.  

Where are you at five years? 10 years, whatever. Again, nothing random about that question. So I’m working on my 10 year vision now. And, uh, so the mission statement, I have to write a 300 word synopsis of it, but the mission statement is to connect every visionary, abundance, investment mindset person, and share their stories with the world.  

So I’m doing that now, but it’s a hundred X thing that it’s whatever. And so again, finding that Babs, finding that person to, yeah. Integrated, what did he do at all? What do you imagine Babs will do? Like how’s everything that I don’t want to do everything. Well from a technical answer. Yeah. She’s gonna do all that stuff, but from a visionary position, what, what do you think she’s going to bring to the table?  

So Moneyball, good movie. So there’s a scene in Moneyball and Moneyball is the movie about the Oakland A’s general manager, Billy Bean. So the owner, this is. This is what I’m trying to say. It’s not like this, but this is what I’m trying to say. So the owner of the AEs has a five minute meeting with Billy Bean saying, here’s your budget and I’ll get to work on the owner floating up here.  

Here’s my five minute thing do this. And Billy Bean takes care of everything else. That’s it. So that, that Babs person just needs to follow my vision and to make sure every person that they hired. So you don’t even have any specifics in mind that you would hope Babs would bring to the table. You’re gonna lean entirely on Babs lean entirely on.  

Yeah, because, because I have zero implementation skills, meaning I just want to fly the plane. Yeah. Yep. And, and if, if I w I will find that person, um, Because it’s just going to organically happen. Do you think that’s what I was going to ask? Do you think it’ll come through, like, it’ll, it’ll probably come through a connection and like this, where I’m putting out these radio frequencies now, and then someone will see it and they’ll reach out to me.  

That’s what, that’s what will happen. You know, I think he’ll be blindsided. You think it’ll come from some point of connection when it’s meant to happen? It’s meant to happen. I don’t believe in randomness because. Like, there’s nothing random about your ten-year question when I’m working on my 10 year vision right now.  

No, there’s nothing random about that. So, um, I listen to my self on podcasts from three years ago and things I was saying, then they weren’t happening then, but they’re happening now. Of underwear. Are you wearing, can I throw you a random one? Uh, blue and green boxers. All right. Random enough. All right, Justin, it’s been a pleasure.  

I enjoy our relationship. I’m looking forward to seeing where we continue to grow together. And I’m going to give you the last few moments to tell our listeners and your future Babs, how they can find out more about you.  

No, you’re just a good, you’re just a good human being. And, uh, that’s what people like about you, all this SEO stuff, whatever. I mean, that’s fine, but they like you, they they’re attracted to you and you do do a good job. I appreciate that. Stephen gentlemen, that we did a duo with, he, he said something similar.  

Right? So Stevens, if you think I’m flying the plane, he’s flying the spaceship. Yeah. Yeah. He’s on a different he’s on, he might not be human. He’s like, that’s not it. I mean, he might not be human. Yeah. I mean, I haven’t invited him now. I need to invite him on the show. Oh my God. That’s it. That’s it. All right.  

Kevin, the editor listeners, I hope by the time this errors, Steven follows up Justin’s episode. I mean, that will be a really interesting you. Two are very, you’re very different. I mean, he’s different than everyone. That’s what makes him so interesting. But yeah. I’m trying. I will listen to that because he he’s just.  

He won’t be able to draw anything in that interview will yeah. For the listeners. Uh, Steven’s very visual with how he communicates and he has a whiteboard on his thing. So. All right. I’m going to steer the, I’m going to steer this back to, okay. So you were landing the plane. Uh, LinkedIn. I use LinkedIn as a commercial for other people.  

I’d like 23,000 flowers there. Uh, so if you want. There’s my book. It was what I always have is never talk about the, so Chris Wallace wrote the forward. No, it’s always funny because it doesn’t, that’s just, that doesn’t matter. Like it’s, it’s the brain, but, uh, the, so that’s how the book is the, like I talked that the book is exactly that there’s no deviation and then Chris FOSS wrote the forward.  

So. Anyone who’s anyone has read Chris’s book. I never split the difference. So he’s the, he’s the real deal. So let me ask you on that because, um, the last couple of guests we’ve had have talked about having really cool foreword writers, how did you get that forward written? Yeah, so Chris’s son, Brandon’s in my strategic coach group.  

And, um, so Brandon is the first person that ever called me connector. He’s like, Oh, you’re just the connector. I’m like, what? So Brandon is the genius. And so Brandon. They’re the it’s a black Swan group is Chris bosses and Brandon’s company. So they were looking for an entrepreneurial financial planner.  

I’m like, Oh, one of my clients is a perfect fit. So then I introduced them. They want to pertaining and for all their employees, then when it came down to, uh, writing the forward a book, I’m like, Brandon, your dad would be, I mean, there’s a perk. That’s perfect. He Brandon’s in strategic coach with me. Chris Voss is in strategic coach.  

Uh, total. So there you go. That’s so that’s one out of a good Jillian stories of how built company that’s one tiny, good example, but one of many, many, many, all right. Justin’s on LinkedIn and Well, tell, tell me about the company name. Where’d that come from? I always laugh when people are like, Oh, we spent millions of dollars and months and it’s playing in.  

No, no, no. So I was driving up to Wisconsin. My wife has surprised me for my 40th birthday. I go into this five-star lodge and on the way, halfway up through Wisconsin, I’m like, Oh, I’ll just name my company.  cause I like saying the word Epic. 

That’s it? No, no thought just action  

town is falling apart. I was going to say they didn’t like the name now we live by a hospital, so, Oh, I was going to say, I’ve heard a few sirens run by. All right. Justin Breen find him on LinkedIn and uh, that’s it. That’s a wrap. Thanks Justin. Thanks for joining, learning from others in the man. You’re the man. Damon. 

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Today’s guest is a super-connector. What’s that mean? He, self-admittedly, sucks at nearly everything… except remembering others’ talents and connecting them with those that needed those skills.

Having been new to entrepreneurism just 3.5 years ago, he now runs a successful global PR company. Listen to find out how he did it.

Please welcome Justin Breen.

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