Broke the mold of usual business talk and talked with Joey Nittolo about being raised by his mother, married to his pimp and heroin addict father.

He produced several movies, including writing the original story of A Man Apart, starring Vin Diesel and Larenz Tate.

He also produced Pool Hall Junkies, starring Christopher Walken and Chazz Palminteri.

But he was most vulnerable in talking about how nearly two years ago, around Thanksgiving 2017, he heard the voice of a friend that had passed away, whispering in his ear.

He talks about his awakening and how he pursued and achieved success by leveraging the intuition he gained from the streets.

November 15 and 16th he has an event with Snoop and Akon in Los Angeles to bring awareness to mental health and homelessness.

He is here today to tell us about that experience and how he aims to help others awaken themselves. Please welcome Joey Nittolo.

Episode highlights:

  • 2:02 – The New Journey
  • 8:08 – Decent Success
  • 13:16 – The Awakening
  • 22:01 – A split
  • 32:17 – Yoga

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Joseph Joey Nittollo was not your average spiritual seeker. He was looking for a path to enlightenment. Uh, he was raised on the streets of Hollywood in the seventies, by his mother and father who was a pimp and a heroin addict. But despite the background, he found success in real estate and also film production.  

You might know some of his original story from Amanda parts during VIN diesel, and he also produced a pool hall, junkies, starring Christopher walkin. But success is what not is not what brought him peace. He found that as being part of the surfing community, which we’ll get into, but then 2017 is the big story, friends and family let’s start there.  

Friends and family thought you went off the deep end a little bit, right, Joey? Um, I’d say so. Um, I guess just because of the way they were, you know, when people are used to seeing you a certain way, um, when that changes for anybody, you know, if you come home in a bad mood or if your people that are the most closest to you notice little things.  

So yeah. Imagine something major. It definitely stuck out. It, it, it, you know, I looked like I was, uh, and their, in their eyes, it looked like I was losing my mind at the time. There was three years ago almost to the day it’s it was about three years ago. Thanksgiving is when this all kind of took place.  

Yeah, this is, you got such a cool story and I’m interested in talking about a lot of things. So obviously you found success and, um, had some, some good accomplishments, but, um, you know, that that’s not always what everybody’s looking for. It’s not always what everybody wants when they find it. And, um, yeah.  

Uh, so what happened for our listeners? We’ll bring them up to speed is, um, actually we’ll right before we jumped on the, on the phone call, I was listening to, you got your own podcast called the space between and from, from what I call when I was listening and correct me, if I’m wrong, it kind of started after you’re on a boy George concert, and you, you, a friend named Jeff that had passed away and then.  

Later that night you were hopping in the shower and that’s when things started to change. Is that kind of where we start with this new journey? I mean, yeah, that’s the shared story. Leading up to that point, I was having a series of, I would call them mood swings the best I could, you know, as far as that’s what it felt like at the time, I didn’t know what I was going through.  

So you like a series of racing thoughts? Um, mood swings like temper, because what was happening is I was, I was waking up, they call it, you know, being lit, um, calm, you know, the conscious community. I just, I really didn’t know what a conscious community was. So when this started happening, um, I was, I was in a boy George concert and I went there to, uh, with my ex wife to her dad.  

Loved love boy, George. So it was kind of a, I think that we were doing together. He’d passed away. Um, and my best friend, Jeff had passed away materially previous to slot, just walk in, go to the bathroom and, um, One boy George’s songs. I could hear my friends singing in my ear, but clearly as clearly as I’m talking to you.  

And so when that happened, I kind of reached up to touch on or to slap him five, but I definitely reached up because I felt something else there. And when I did that and I saw my hand raises, I realized that I, I actually thought somebody was with me. It, it, it. It didn’t startle me, but it definitely had me thinking now, like, what was that?  

I, you know, I started just my, I, you know, your inner thoughts start happening. What’s that real? What is that? You know, am I high? What did you just start? Your minds just starts going through a series of questioning. I think yourself, and I’m wondering what the, what it actually was. And so when I got back to my seat, you know, they’re walking out and I’m looking at them and I’m like, I go Japs with us, you know, but I just scream it cause there’s a lot of music and they just kind of looked at me here, like these always with us.  

And I was like, no, no, no, this is a little bit different. He’s like, he’s here. You know? And I, and it, I, I kinda just stayed in my head because I was trying to understand, or maybe I was trying to hear what I heard again, you know, so it was always a little bit, um, I just kind of retreated a little bit as far as like being in a concert situation, more or less trying to tap into what it was that I heard  

And so that I went home and like woke up at three in the morning and went in the shower and like, uh, just sitting there. And next thing you know, he started talking to me and as I’m talking to you, when I. I, I didn’t, I didn’t really know how to take it. I actually thought I was going to die playing true.  

You thought you thought you were gonna die. You start. So are you like questioning your own sanity at this point? Not yet. Not, not, not that. Um, at first I thought I was dying, cause I didn’t really think about sanity cause I knew I wasn’t crazy. So I was only thinking that. If spirits are talking to me, the next, the next step is death, because why would they be talking to me?  

Right. My friend just died, so I must be next. So I went through a series of like how I would die in my head or what was going to happen because I didn’t feel shock and I didn’t feel pain and I wasn’t afraid. I just, I figured the next thing was is I was going to die. Sure. I thought of my fam all these different things going through my head, but I just didn’t understand what’s happening.  

So. And then I knew that if I said this, I would look crazy. That’s when I knew I wasn’t crazy because I was worried what they would think. Okay. And if you were crazy, you wouldn’t even think that you don’t think to think you’re crazy, right? I don’t think so. I’m not fucking crazy. So I, you know, I went to my now former wife and I’m like, and I let her have it.  

And she just looked at me and didn’t say much, but at the time I. It was so real that I, I was able to kind of hide it a little bit. Like I get in my car and I just start talking on the way to work. So no one really knew, so I just kept it to my little secret. Cause if she thought I was crazy, I wasn’t hurting anybody.  

Hey, well, if your dead friend died, right. When you could have a chance to sit and talk to him, would you do it? Yeah. I mean, it’s, it’s, it’s something you can’t really compare to something else. So I, I think. Yeah. If this is something that is real, then, then why not? Yeah. Well and how would you not know?  

Cause real, hold on. How would you not know if it’s real? Unless you explore it? Yeah, no, it’s a, it’s a totally fair comment. Um, you don’t know. I mean, it’s, it’s, it’s one of those things where you can’t compare it to anything. So like if you’re there. Yeah. Well, let’s go ahead. No, let’s, uh, I want to go back in a little bit, but let’s keep this going.  

So what do you got? So just, you know, so it became my little secret, you know, I was talking to my best friend, Jeff. Um, it was great. I was happy and it was interesting. And I’m starting to find out that I had, I wasn’t going to die. I have a new party trick. I know how to talk to people that on the other side are in a different realm.  

And so I became fascinated with that and I started meditating and I never met him. Mmm. In my life. I never meditated, you know, I never did yoga either. I surf. I mean, I stretched when I served, but as far as doing yoga, never in my life. So let’s set some contrast to this and then I’ll, we’ll, we’ll jump right back to where we’re at.  

So just to kind of help the audience understand like how. How black and white before and after like a different person you’re becoming versus what your friends and family know you as, so prior to this, you had, um, you you’ve found some decent success. Like who, who, how would you explain who you were to the listeners before all this started happening?  

Um, you know, I was just, I guess I was who people wanted me to be kind of, you know, I created an identity of what I wanted people to think who I was. And then I guess they, off of whatever, projected, they came up with Barrow and understanding of what I felt I want it to be. And then, then, you know, depending on how they judge me or what they thought of me, that was their interpretation of who I was.  

But it wasn’t, it wasn’t true to be to who I was, because who I was, was, was coming was, was breaking through. I was remembering who I was. So the person that you are becoming is it, as you are becoming this person, is this a new person to you as well? Like did you start to go? Yeah. What I’ve been is not me, or did you start to say, Hey, you know, this is, this is different.  

Even for me, It is, there’s a couple, it’s a, it’s a, it’s a, it’s a polarity. There’s, you know, you’re ying and yang. Right. So I looked at it at first and, and without it. I wouldn’t have what I have it created who I am in this path. And the things I’ve learned are, are my, or my sorority, my shield. Right? So I’m able to use this on my path and what I’m going to be doing.  

So ultimately I had to embrace all the good, the bad, the indifferent, meaning the way I was raised, my dad was a pimp and a heroin addict. I was raised around, you know, everybody. Everybody has an interesting story. Right. And they’re all, every single story is interesting. It’s not an, I, my story is probably the same as a lot of other stories.  

If you hear stories about people going to awakening. They’re there. They’re sad. They’re sad to the point because people have to go through and it’s not hitting rock bottom, but it’s really having to come down and break yourself down from the soul and to your heart. And we build doc through because of the way that we’re built and society has this and the way we understand things, it’s not that way.  

Right. So if we’re spiritual beings, this is important. If we’re spiritual beings. And do you feel that we’re spiritual beings having a human experience? Is that your understanding? Yeah, I think there’s an underlying, um, common denominator that, that that’s some sort of, part of the woven woven fabric is to identify in some spiritual way.  

Right. So the way I looked at it, it had to be is that I was finding my union with God right now. I wasn’t a religious guy. I was quite the opposite. But I do feel that when that union with God and our purpose, I think that when everyone’s born, we all have a purpose and, and it’s wanting to know and finding that purpose.  

And ultimately everybody wants to be happy and, and, and wants to be filled with love. Everybody wants to wake up in a bad mood, right? Yeah. So, but we live in a polarity planet, right? So there’s things that happen all the time. So we have to learn how to deal with these things and know that our bodies are actually instruments to deal with this.  

And it’s not just to push food into it. What do you think? You actually think that God went okay. I’m going to create the world and he’s human and he’s just really, really dope shit. And then I’m going to create a pharmaceutical company. Like, like, do you think he sat down to think about that  

Yeah. Now do you think, do you, do you identify with like a single God or do you feel spirituality is like just a greater all encompassing thing or, or like a literal entity? I’m God you hear me? Okay. I’m God, you’re a God. We are all part of God, so we should treat ourselves like that. So if you actually had the respect and you pray to God that treat yourself the same way.  

So, so we’re, we’re all, we’re, we’re all intertwined. Absolutely. It’s called. It’s a oneness we’re connected to this planet. This planet lives. This planet has a heartbeat.  

Now it’s you said, you said a very specific word that caught my attention. When you were talking about the people that go through kind of these awakenings, you said the word sad. And it’s interesting to me because I met a woman, um, A couple of months ago that described a very similar awakening that she went through and, and we went and met for lunch.  

And I asked her, I said, it seems like a lot of the, the, the people that experienced these types of things go through exactly what you said. They go through a period of sadness. And I asked her, I said, how come, how come when I see the, not all the people. Um, but a lot of the people that go through these awakenings, they seem down, they seem sad and they seem like they never escape it.  

You know, some are just. You have few that embrace it and then they’re happy. But then on the other side of spectrum, it seems like there’s the people that just can’t escape the sadness part. Do you see that too? Yeah. Well, what do you look at? We’re human beings, right? We feel so how do you expect somebody to feel when they go through this and you go to a doctor or a hospital to go through this experience and they’re telling you you’re crazy, or you’re going to remember it.  

Are you going to explain that experience? It’s supposed to be that’s our God given, right? Right. So to go through that experience, how it’s like post traumatic stress disorder. When you go through that and you have people telling you you’re crazy, there’s people that have their babies taken away from me because they’ve went through spiritual transformation and didn’t understand what’s happening.  

That’s sad. How are they supposed to get over that and that experience? And they do cause they ended up finding out that it’s all part of a bigger thing, you know? So you go through these through these changes and you find out, you know, when you get on the other side of them, How beautiful and amazing it is because maybe the darkest that you look at cause you, the only thing you can see is darkness.  

That’s how we’re programmed. But ultimately if we actually train our bodies and minds to understand that there’s like without, without something bad happening, you wouldn’t even know what good is or vice versa. That’s why we live in a polarity planet. It’s not going to always be perfect. It’s how we handle the day to day stresses, you know, but all right, good.  

How do you explore the world and embrace it while avoiding being labeled as crazy? Because it seems like you gotta, you gotta voice it and you gotta get it out there. Um, but you just never stopped looking. I was separated from my wife. And my four kids for something I believe in. Right. And it wasn’t that it didn’t have to do with, I had to make a stand and she wanted to be on medication.  

Right. There’s other things have happened show, she’s never going to say, Oh, he left because of Medicat. She’s not going to say that. It’s okay. She’s a wonderful person. And there’s a lot of things happening, but I, it was, it was, I believe it was happening was so true. And I told my teacher. I said, I need, I’m going to sing this from the rooftops, right?  

This is my God given. Right. So if this is happening to me, there’s so many, this is everybody. I’m nobody special at all. The problem is, is it everybody’s always looking for this Yogi or this guru or whatever it is to lead us really, really, really, really ultimately it’s reaching inside and finding an insider.  

Like what you asked me, do you believe that there’s one God, you believe in one whole set. It’s us. It’s all about us. We are all connected completely. And when we come, when we leave, we go back home. When we go back to being connected. So we will come here. When we say we go back home, we go back to, to our oneness.  

I just lost my mom six weeks ago, seven weeks ago. Right. And, uh, that’s uh, that’s the woman who gave me life. She died right in front of me. She died right in front of me. I wasn’t expecting it. We watched the UFC fight the week before. So you could say I was a bit in shock. Um, I would actually say I was about to vomit in my mouth when it happened.  

Um, and then this is also to having all these things, talking and communication, but that all goes out the window. When you see this happen in front of you, right. It’s very unexpected. Well, when my mom started communicating with me, I didn’t even know how to take it. Now. Are you referring to, after she passed, you started communicating with him?  

Yep. Yup, absolutely. So how are you? Go ahead. Yeah, no, sorry to hear that about your mother. No, I appreciate it. And it’s, it’s beautiful. It’s wonderful. It wasn’t, it’s not everybody beats himself. What could I have done differently for me? I just understand it differently because of the realms. I know that Hearst doesn’t have luggage raft.  

We are custodians. Why will, why we’re here? And then we move on and we can’t take it with us. Right. So I, I, I believe, yeah. You know, us as spiritual beings, having a human experience is. Too. I like it when I tell people, like, when people say be of service that we’re be of service. I kind of get on when I say it now because of who I used to be.  

Because if you were to told me, Hey, be of service right before I would have paid someone to do it for me just straight out. Okay. Or I just found it like, it was really tiring to me, like Tia service, I have shit to do. So when I got thrown into a mental institution, My spiritual guide started saying be of service that I didn’t even think of anything.  

I just started cleaning up this and, you know, and the other things that happened in there. And yeah, because I would, I didn’t know what to do was either do that. Keep my mind busy, start helping these people or become one of them. And so for me, I didn’t even think I just started cleaning what I was supposed to clean and do what I did.  

And. Couple hours into it. I forgot what I was there for. And I actually started to see that my reason for being in my purpose was there was, there’s a fine line between spirituality and mental as they call it illness, mental wellness, um, addiction and spirituality, you know, and a lot of people don’t understand that.  

So there’s, I call it spiritual depression. They have other words for it. Add schizophrenia. Bipolar disorder. I can give you like 20 other like terms that are given for these things. But if you actually look at, um, the United States of America, right, it’s been here for 200 years, so you can’t really fault them for the lack of understanding of what we are, actually, what we can do, what our instruments are, are capable of.  

But when you have a lineage of 5,000 years, Right. Yoga, pink Angelie. These people that have come up with this and understand energy and the balance of it, energy, your central nervous system, and how to, to when this energy starts kicking out and how to cause what will happen is sometimes that can blow your system out.  

That’s how you start looking a little bit loopy or, you know, you see homeless people talking to themselves. You know, I, I was doing it. I was doing it knowing I was doing it so I could stop it. But I was able to identify, was it, wow. Look at these things that I’m doing, because I was trying to kind of gauge what was happening in my mind, but because there was nowhere for me to go for someone to help me our conscious community, because I just didn’t have it where I was at and I would have now nowadays, but it’s very conscious, but I’m just saying, I just didn’t understand.  

It was hard for me to actually, because everybody was also saying I was crazy. They were like, you’re acting different. You’re acting so different. It really all at the time I could say was, you guys are rocking. You’re saying I need to go. So I left to India. I became a yoga and turned the Leni teacher. And in between that time, and now it’s several other ascended masters started communicating with me to communicate with everybody.  

Now, you know, this it’s just for whatever, with, with meditation and yoga and these other, um, uh, Modalities that are, you can use to tap into, to, to hearing them. I have to believe that that’s when I, I was able to start hearing them and it became a little bit disheveled for me, the energy. So with the Kundalini yoga, um, and the meditation, it helped me really get grounded and balance the energy so that I could take the incoming energy.  

And I didn’t seem scattered. And over time that the craziness, the way I looked, it started to kind of settle. And my, my kids and my family started to go, Oh, wait a minute. He’s, you know, I lost like 60 pounds. My eye color changed. There was other physical changes too. Um, but I was changing, but I was changing to the things that were important to me, the planet, you know, like going through that, when you start feeling connected to the tree, now that sounds like pretty wild, right?  

It does, but they’re alive and they give us life. Do you, um, you know, you, we touched on, um, you know, schizophrenia and add, uh, do you, do you think that every person that is diagnosed with one of those conditions, um, it is inaccurately diagnosed? Or do you think there are some physical chemical imbalances?  

Like not all the time, but do you think it’s like split where some people do have. I think it’s a split, you know, you can’t look at, I’m not the guy, I’m not conspiracy theory guys. Like I’m a thing everyone’s trying to do. Like I said, the 200 years, we’re all we’re trying to do is trying to show them what to do.  

I’m not saying that trying everybody wants to feel this. How would they know this is the other thing? Do you really think that if they actually felt this, that they would try to hide it, you can’t hide it. So the people that don’t know it’s like talking about something that you don’t know, like if I was to be a commentator on surfing and I don’t surf, a lot of people do it, but I just find that, no, I mean, that’s what, that’s why that’s, that’s kind of the position I take is kind of that neutral because.  

I don’t discredit any of this. Like I’m open to it, but I certainly can’t relate to it because I haven’t gone through it. But like, I think the ability to acknowledge that and go just because you haven’t done it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. Exactly. That’s all, all we’re saying is, is we’re all different, right?  

That’s the beauty of it. As God has made us all different. And we’re all amazing, so many different ways, but because of the way we’re taught that we judge and we feel less than like how many kids, you know, and there’s those kids that come up. So there’s like one in like 20 or 30, he could be a little overweight, but he’s just mr.  

Personality. He doesn’t chair. He just because he’s been shown so much love, but he just doesn’t even know what he looks into the chair. Right, right. The other 19 kids, which they have with that kid had. Yeah. And you know what it is, it’s just a little more love. He was showing them the love. Right? How so?  

That’s, that’s it. And if you think I told my eight year old kid, when it started happening, everybody, including you and including me, we all wake up with great ideas. That’s the beauty of it. Right. We’re able to access ideas. People just don’t realize how beautiful ideas are and to have them as a gift.  

Right. But the execution of those ideas is the 95%. So what w what is important is to set our day with intention and what we want to do. Because if you’re just thinking, leaving your house every day without actually saying, why have a plan, but go to work, get it done. Hopefully I’ve seen a good mood. Well, what if somebody drives off, flips you off and goes, tells you to go fuck yourself.  

Excuse me. Cause you know, yeah. You know what I mean? Like you gotta, you gotta just kind of go cool. Give him a smile back. Thank you buddy. Because ultimately it’s financed by today. Today’s national smile day. So keep a smile on. So. These things. And you know, when they say, when shit goes wrong and don’t go wrong with it.  

So, you know, a lot of people and me, me too, I still, you know, it’s hard not to, when you start going, you, you, you kind of get into this victim thing, obviously that he’s doing that heat and it’s, it’s a, it’s a perpetual. So you have to learn to listen to your inner thoughts to stop, take a deep breath. Don’t hold your breath.  

A lot of people make really bad decisions on when they don’t have enough air in their body. People make better decisions when they’re filled with oxygen. When you take a deep breath, that’s usually when the best decisions happen, not when you have no air and your, your, you know, when you’re exhaling, I’m just saying, I’ve always made my decisions now when I have a nice belly there.  

So how do you, how do you, so I want to go back to, when you say you were in the car and, and you’re talking to your friend, and you said at that moment, you were kind of keeping things to yourself and just, and having these conversations in isolated moments. And then now obviously you’re very open about it.  

So how do you start making that transition and explaining to your friends and family and stop holding it in? Like, how do people listening that, that go through this? Like, how did you decide, like I’m all in, like, don’t do it because the people that do it are just all in, but I’m saying I wouldn’t suggest do it the way I did it.  

I’m saying that the way I did it was I’m a bit of a rebel, right? I was on the street. So when this happened to me, I was like, this happened for a reason. So I’m going to sing this from the rooftops because everybody was saying, just stop. Don’t even tell me. Cause I was, I was lucid enough to know that if I just stopped saying what I was saying, they would, they would just leave me alone.  

Take your medication, right. Just to see what they’re saying, let’s just go or just hype, take the medication, fake it just fake it. You don’t have to tell them. Right. Even my teacher she’s like, who cares? This was after a couple of mental. I was in, um, UCLA mental institution. The same day Connie West was there for the same thing.  

So. And he wanted the whole floor. So they stuck me in a little corner and I was pissed. Like I want a whole floor too, you know? So ultimately like, look going through that. I said, I’m separated from my family now because of something I’m standing for. So now I’m going to see it from the rooftops. I have a clear communication with my spiritual guides.  

This is how I received my information completely. If it’s weird to you, let it be weird, but that’s, what’s up. That’s, that’s how, that’s how I operate. And that’s how we all operate. We are, we are instruments. We are on tennis, picking up information. And we, I mean, I am so grateful now that I understand that I’m not in control because my whole life, when people told me I’m in control, I’ve had to create this facade of who I am to make people think I’m in control when I’m really not.  

Yeah. So when I was able to release that bit of control, which is really fear is when I started to kind of love myself. And then all of a sudden it just cracked open. I remember calling my mom and I said, mom, I love you, mom. I love you more than anything. And I just started to stop blaming her for things in how I grew up.  

And I just appreciated all of it because without it, I wouldn’t be me. I wouldn’t have this happen to me the way it did and the timing. So I just appreciated all the things cause, cause we’re out of the doubt. I wouldn’t be the good, you know, with all these settings, thinking about all the bad things in your life has happened to you.  

If you actually went back and said, okay, this is the result of this. You’ll find you that line of bad things that happen. You’ll find 10 good things that happened. But it’s hard because you’re so fixated on the dark. So it’s, that’s the thing is like knowing when there’s that dark and just like, when you said, what made you keep going?  

I marched into the darkness knowing there was light on the other side. So that’s an interesting comment. So I think everybody has something in the past and, and I’ve heard other people describe it very similar to how you did. And, and I agree. There’s definitely good. That comes from the bad. Um, but, but how do you separate the 

The good, because in some ways I want to say, okay, the good happened as a result from you accepting the circumstances and you making it better. But, but the, the circumstances that were the bad, they didn’t intentionally. Guide you to the good. So you accepted ownership and made the good happen. So how do you separate saying I did something positive from the circumstances, from whether it was the neglect or whatever, because those original circumstances where people, it’s the way you look at it.  

So you just said something. So I gave you an option, right? There’s dark. And you’re like, but to make a decision to go to good, I can go. Cry about this. This was bad. That’s bad. It makes it, I have to look at the things that come out of it from a positive standpoint, because it’s, this is the real world. If we’re going to wake up every day and think that birds and the sun doesn’t shine out of my ass.  

Okay. That’s that, that doesn’t happen. This is the real world. So that’s the thing. I wasn’t a tree hugger and I love trees by the way, speech. Cause I’ll go hug it to you right now, straight up, you know, being like new age or whatever it is they say, I’m just the dude. I’m the normal guy now. I’m like, yo, what’s up, but I’m a spiritual guy and I’m a man of God and I’m not embarrassed to say it.  

How has your friend circle changed? I mean, I think we’ve kind of touched on it loosely, but I’ll let you give like a very direct answer. Like, do you still have like, are all your friends different? Are the majority of the same? Are the minority the same? I have now have a group of soul brothers and sisters.  

That’s what’s up. The people that I now call them. I won’t say this now, but when, before I called them rotten avocados, because they kept falling by the wayside. They didn’t stay, they didn’t stick by my side. They didn’t, they weren’t really looking to help me. They like all the money that I generated and the things I did, but ultimately the people that are around me now and the people that.  

Understand, what I’m going through are really like my soul brothers and sisters, but I’m not saying to other people that don’t understand don’t I don’t fault them. I need to help them. We all need to help each other. Even the people like there’s people that were helping me, that really scared me, like totally screwed me over and yeah.  

Fucking gray to where I would be like, normally I’d be like, Oh, that needs going to get one. Right. I’m going to get at that guy. But now I’m like, I think them. Because that guy introduced me to some other dudes, they helped me. So I’m like, thank you, the guys look at me. Like, why is that guy thanking me? I totally jacked him.  

I’m like, yeah, we have Johnny, but you don’t even realize you helped me way more than you hurt me, but I’m able to see that now, because I don’t look at this, the dark part of it. You know what I mean? That was just gives you cancer, really like, thinking about that, the way it makes you feel when you’re mad or that’s really what creates sickness.  

And so with meditation, And clearing that and they have scientific study how it, it helps healing in the body. That’s why they call them healers. Right. They can heal themselves. So ultimately with meditation and yoga, it’s helped me to balance the energy, um, and to really kind of take care of myself and my wellbeing.  

How often, and how long do you, do you tend to do your meditation and your yoga? I usually wake up anywhere from three to four in the morning and I’ll meditate for about, uh, an hour to three hours. And then I’ll go do yoga. I do yoga three to five times a week. Um, and I work out, I run. Um, but, uh, but when it happened, that was my, I remember they sent me to a doctor and my ex wife was like, he’s meditating for eight, nine hours a day.  

And I was. They were trying to, they were trying to stop me from meditating. And I swear they were saying it was too much, but what the, what I was doing is when I was in that place and the feeling in the four years that I felt like I didn’t want to leave. I didn’t want to come back. You know? And then, so then I was like, wow, I’m able now to tap into two realms, I’m like, wow, this is amazing.  

But this is where you see people that are acting so off because they’re talking to another realm and. It’s so amazing. They don’t even want to come back here. When you see all the shit that’s going on here. Why would you want to come back? Yeah. What, what do you so like a lot of this conversation reminds me of the, the like Jim Carey, um, where he, he went through  

Oh gosh. Who Andy? Warhol. I want to say he played and he, and he went through that role. And he said after I did that role, I, yeah, I dive in so deep that when I, when I tried to come back to who Jim Carrey was, I didn’t know who it was anymore. And so then that set them on the, on a path that sounds similar to the path you went down where he said, like, who am I?  

What is real? And then, um, He went through like the, obviously I don’t know him and I only see, see what he allows people to see, but it seems like he went through that little dip where you talk, what about sadness? And then, you know, this is w where he verbalizes, like here’s the world in my eyes now. And then, and then he comes back up and now he’s a lot more positive.  

And, but like everything you’re saying, it really rings a bell. With what I’ve seen in Jim Carey. And I don’t know where I’m going with the Jim Carrey comment, but maybe as a segue into, like you saying, Kanye West. So like, what do you like Kanye West? I can see some overlap into some of the, these awakening stories, but at, at some point Kanye West seems like way more extreme on the, on a narcissist.  

I like it. Do you think that’s part of this whole process for him or, or do you think he is a little more extreme than other people? No, I think he’s perfect. I think that he’s doing what he feels. And I think that, that he’ll as it chips away and he finds out he’ll, you know, he’s, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s evolving every day for him, you know?  

Um, so I think that everybody has their own lens in how they feel and how they’re expressing the divine. Because there’s no words for it. Right. He’s going to sing. I think the best thing about it is he has that creative energy to where he can express himself beautifully. Sometimes you talk to gets in front of himself, but he doesn’t hydrate all the time.  

He’s just getting to his place. He’s, he’s doing the equivalent of your singing from the rooftop, just through his, his mic. Hell yeah. And he’s doing an amazing job, you know, so yeah. I feel that, um, Terrence, Terrence, Howard, you ever know? Terror. Terror. Okay. Go, go, go, go look at him. He’s like, I’m done acting out.  

He sounds like UCC. He sounds like he drank the Koolaid. We did. Yeah. So, so when you, when you you’ll start to, there’s a, there’s several guys that have gone through this publicly. Um, there’s even people back, you know, that you don’t even know that went through these things on Martin Lawrence, maybe people running down the street and, you know, doing acting wild because people don’t know what they’re doing.  

And so when you tap into this other realm, that’s not what we’re used to and understanding. See, but if we were Sikh, we were Buddhist. If we were native American, it would be our Rite of passage, like puberty, right. We would go to our elders and we would say, I feel it to be like, you know, like going through puberty and they would, they would walk you through what to do.  

You know, if you’re from an indigenous tribe, this is normal. This is why, you know, the Dovan tribe, these tribes hold this ancient secrets is it’s energy, you know? And, and you don’t realize how powerful it really is. A lot of people don’t realize these indigenous tribes and. And these sacred sites around the world and the energy and power that they hold  

It’s, it’s really, it’s, it’s stronger than, than a lot of people think. Yeah. Well, um, Joey, I don’t want to take up too much of your time. I got, you know, maybe another one or two questions. Um, so this is kind of more of an, uh, uh, an extreme question on, um, Like people tapping into these feelings. Like I’ve heard other people talk about how they’ll, they’ll use like DMT or just like whatever, you know, substance of their choice to go to these different worlds.  

Do you think that there’s a direct overlap between wherever, whatever substance takes, whatever person to. And like reality or is that just a drug trip? Like, do you think those substances enhance a real thing? Um, I do, but I, that might, that’s my opinion, you know? So meaning that I feel that there’s, there are certain, um, medicines that help assist in bridging that, but  

But I don’t, I don’t want to be the person to talk about it. Cause I’m not, I’m not a professional guy. That’s not how I found my, my path. Some people, it could be plant medicine, it could be a near death experience. There’s several, um, types of experiences that will set a, a spiritual transportive experience off.  

Right? Like a lot of people is psychosis. Are you going through, um, a spiritually transformative experience? Right? It’s an FTE. You, you have these experience. So what I’m really do is understand. That’s why I understand that you’re going through psychosis. Are you having a spiritually transformative experience? 

And this there’s a nonprofit called assist, who I found, who are training doctors and other therapists on how to understand and differentiate, um, and diagnose people so that people like myself are. People that are having awakenings go in and they could look at it and understand it. So people could have a different option, um, or different diagnosis versus, uh, you know, taking Xanax or whatever the other narcotics that they might give you to, to, to blind it.  

Um, but we, we are doing an event on November 15th and 16th, um, in Los Angeles, the art district, uh, called. Lighting up LA with a con a con lighting Africa, a con will not be lighting America and November 15th and 16th with stupid Delek Snoop dog will be performing. We have a panel of speakers, um, and it’s to bring attention and awareness, uh, through music and art to mental health homelessness.  

Um, Oh, shoot. I have to go, but I will call you back. I have a call coming in. I’m just, I have to go on this one. Okay, cool. I’m so sorry. It’s a really important call. I love you. Thank you for your time. You bet. Thanks. 


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Today’s guest found fame in Hollywood after being raised by his mother, married to his pimp and heroin addict father.

Nearly exactly two years ago, around Thanksgiving 2017, he heard the voice of a friend that had passed away, whispering in his ear. That’s about the time when a chain of events unfolded, including hour long conversations during 3 am showers, that would lead him to a Kundalini awakening.

He is here today to tell us about that experience and how he aims to help others awaken themselves. Please welcome Joey Nittolo.

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