Today from LearningFromOthers, Data Analytics Guru, Darren Squires, former president of Fans Sports Apparel went owned by LHM, Larry H. Miller Sports and Entertainment and now the chief analytics officer Tingey Injury Law Firm. We talk sports retail, scaling supply chain and crazy Vegas tourist.

00:01:20 Background of Darren
00:03:52 Process of logistics and Jazz Team Store
00:08:14 Strategizing logistics
00:15:40 Bird scooters
00:17:00 Talks about fan stores and revenues
00:21:53 Struggles on turn around
00:28:33 Finding buyers
00:35:23 Emphasizing on people and skills
00:38:37 Difference in the newer generation
00:41:27 Process of logistics and Jazz Team Store
00:43:05 Vegas-esque calamities
00:55:00 Career successes
00:58:50 Random Question Generator

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Darren Squires: Successfully Scaling Supply Chain

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