Dale started buying and selling on eBay when he was in high school. He got his dad involved, and they eventually grew that business to 10M in annual revenue before selling it in 2016. That business was Bike Wagon.

Dale’s been doing consulting and executive coaching since then and has found a new sweet spot in training entrepreneurs. He started a company called Venture Anyway where he runs mastermind groups with entrepreneurs. He also co-founded an outsourced CMO agency focused on bringing some transparency in to the world of marketing.

Dale and his wife have 5 kids and love traveling and going on adventures, mostly by bike.

  • 00:01:09 Dale’s background
  • 00:04:53 Took a break for 2 months
  • 00:08:15 Bike trip lessons
  • 00:11:43 Transition story
  • 00:16:16 Favorite audio books
  • 00:18:27 Reason he sold BikeWagon
  • 00:21:58 Half pipe story
  • 00:25:15 Dale’s advice for entrepreneurs
  • 00:29:01 Dale on delegation and trusting
  • 00:32:05 Monkey on your back article
  • 00:34:51 Dale’s long term interests
  • 00:37:35 Recurring problem
  • 00:40:15 Closing remarks

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Dale Majors: Seeing Value Where Others Don't

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