Michel Ruiz: How to Travel Internationally without Leaving Home (French)

Today’s guest is the co-founder and CEO of an augmented reality-focused startup headquartered in Paris that allows you to virtually visit exotic destinations right from your smartphone.

Want to virtually visit the Eiffel Tower, perhaps a beach in Miami or even Madagascar? Maybe check out the Grand Canyon or a hotspot in Italy?

Interestingly, with millions of people recently being stuck at home due to the coronavirus, the idea of virtual vacations quickly went from “a cool idea” to nearly a necessity for mental health.

Whether you want to travel from the comfort of your home to relax or for your sanity, please welcome Michel Ruiz.

This was a fun episode to record because it features Michel’s original replies in French and also his translator Jaime replying on Michel’s behalf in English. If you’d like to listen to the English-only episode of only Jaime’s replies on Michel’s behalf, please visit


Otherwise, hang on, because we’re starting this episode in 3… 2…